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The following is the complete contents of the publication entitled:

New Brunswick, New Jersey in the World War 1917-1918
Compiled by John P. Wall

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Page #Description / Names
3 Title Page
5 Presentation
6 Dedication
7 Preface
9 Portrait / Mayor Edward F. Farrington
11 Portrait / Mayor John J. Morrison
13 Portrait / John P. Wall
15 Photo / Major-General William Weigel
17 Portrait / Brigadier-General Joseph C. Castner
19 Portrait / Rev. Frederick J. Halloran
21 Portraits / Lieut. Com. Arthur Carpender, Lieut. Com. Frank J. Daly, Lieut. Craig Denman, U.S.N., Lieut. Com. Wm. Nicholas
23 Portraits / Capt. Harold S. Flanagan, D.D.S., Capt. Wm. J. Condon, M.D., Capt. Herbert J. Nafey, M.D., Capt. Alex Gruessner, M. D.
25 Portraits / Capt. Ralph N. Perlee, Capt. Floyd M. Chidester, Capt. Edmond W. Billetdoux, Capt. Robt. W. Lufburrow
27 Portraits / Capt. Wm. B. Twiss, Capt. J. Baynard Kirkpatrick, Capt. Raymond S. Patterson, Capt. Wm. P. White
29 Portraits / Capt. Charles H. Reed, Capt. T. Richard A. Smith, Capt. Vivian Ross, Capt. Charles F. Seibert
31 Photographs / Ralph P. White, Capt. Leo Daly, Q.M.C.
33 Narrative: How the Great Wsar Opened
34 Narrative continued
35 Narrative continued
36 Narrative: War Declared - New Brunswick's Answer to the Call
37 Narrative continued
38 Narrative continued
39 Narrative: National Guard Departs, Company H Departs
40 Company H Roster / Kirkpatrick, Smith, Hamer, Smith, Kramer, Ellison, Nordhouse, Skidmore, Hoagland, Wolff, Morris, Howell, Austin, Davis, Melrose, Wissert, Morris, Boschong, Solomon, Smith, Hampton, Lachenmayer, Miller, Burt, Copeland, Heim, Fellers, Breen, ordo, Dixon, Hannan, Hoe, Irons, Louyinger, Manley, Morris, Ross, Russo, Seemann, Smith, Stuart, Staudt, Tallman, Tappen, Tunison, Walker, Wood, Anderson, Anzoulot, Barr, Bailey, Bates, Bernard, Breece, Buckelew, Burke, Carlson, Casey, Cathcart, Covert, Dean, Dunham, Eckert, Ervin, Ellison, Ferrin, Fullerton, Gamble, Garrigan, Gowen, Hagaman, Hokanson, Hortz, Jernee, LaPlace, Linke, Lorch, McGinnis, McGovern, McKeon, Manning, Marks, Matthies, Merritt, Mulvey, O'Connor, Obrowsky, Olesnewicz, Ramponi, Silzer, Selesky, Slavin, Smith, Stillwell, Stevenson, Tallman, Tatarsky, Van Liew, Van Nuis, Warren, Williams, Warren, Witkowski, Zogg, Goydas
40A Photo: Scene at the Depot on the Departure of a Quotsa of New Brunswick Boys
40B Photo: For Camp Dix, February 24, 1918
40C Photo: The Boys Arrive at Camp Dix ...
40D Photo: The First of the Men in Uniform of the New National Army ... Co. H.
40E Photo: For Camp Dix, April 26, 1918
40F Photo: For Camp Meade, Md, September 26, 1918
40G Photo: For Camp Greenleaf, March 6, 1918
40H Photo: For Camp Dix, ASpril 3, 1918
41 Narrative: Farewell Reception to Co. H. ...
42 Narrative Continued
43 Narrative Continued
44 Narrative Continued
45 Narrative Continued
46 Bulletin: New Jersey Day; Registration Day
47 Proclamation of Registration
48 Narrative: Registration Days
48A Photo: Rutgers College Reserve Officers on a hike ...
48B Photo: Rutgers Prep Boys
49 Narrative: Registration Days, continued
50 Narrative Continued; List of Registrars / O'Connell, Van Winkle, Spratford, McCloud, Potter, Slifkin, Van Nuis, Holden, Farley, Reeve, Deiner, Crouch, Hales, Warner, McLaughlin, Talmadge, Ferguson, Pennington, Welch, Carpender, Connolly, Morris, Brower, Brennan, Doyle, Dunn, Lowe, White, Colligan, DeHart, Groben, Wynkoop, Lins, Cronk, Britton, Bauman, Jonas, Tuttel, Grymes, Reynolds, Hill, Kohlkepp, Baldwin, Rowland, Barry, Tappen, Sloan, O'Neill, Hannah, Zahn, Wark, Hubbard, Oram, Dey, Fertig, MacPherson, MacKenzie, Baier, Grimes, Dawson, Clark, Iovan, Landmesser, Bauer, Norman, Forman, Jackson, Boyd, Pierce, Johnson, Hullfish, Thickstun, Whitfield, Rooney, Statt, Perkins, Colburn, Fleming, Boylan, McCloskey, Gleason, McCormick, Foley
51 List of Registrars / Sedam, Greenwald, Haskins, Morris, Gold, Smith, McMahon, McMurtry, Mooney, Smith, Laky, Burt, Kana, Houston, Jaques, Orpen, McCormick, Nicholas, Wall, Trumbull, Cole, Bradley, McCabe, Gibbons, Dunnelly, Stanton, Morrison, Wilson, Smith, Daly
51 Narrative: Registration of All Inhabitants
52 Narrative Men for the New National Army Leave for Training Camp
53 Narrative continued
54 Narrative continued
55 Narrative continued
56 Narrative continued
57 Narrative continued
58 Narrative continued
59 Narrative continued
60 Narrative: The Singing of the Armistice - New Brunswick Goes Wild
61 Narrative continued
62 Narrative continued
63 Narrative continued
64 Narrative: The Homecoming of Co. H
64A Photographs: Parade Participants
64B Photographs: Armistice Day
65 Narrative continued
66 Narrative: The Boys Are Home Again
67 Narrative continued
68 Narrative continued
69 Narrative continued
70 Narrative: The Organization of the Patriotic Forces for the War Work
71 Delegates to the Home Defense League
72 Delegates to the Home Defense League
73 Delegates to the Home Defense League
74 Delegates to the Home Defense League
75 Delegates to the Home Defense League
75 Narrative: The Soldiers' Welfare and Farewell Committee
76 Financial War Summary of New Brunswick
77 Narrative: First Liberty Loan
78 Narrative continued
79 Narrative continued
80 Narrative: Second Liberty Loan
80A Portrait: Henry G. Parker
80B Portrait: Charles A. M'Cormick
80C Portrait: James W. Johnson
80D Photo: Members of Co. H. at Welcome Reception
80E Portrait: Robert E. Ross
80F Portrait: Sidney B. Carpender
80G Portraits: Exemption Board 1 / J. Kearney Rice, Sr., Dr. E. I. Cronk, Elmer E. Connolly
80H Portrait: Peter F. Daly
81 Narrative continued
82 Narrative: Third Liberty Loan
83 Narrative: Fourth Liberty Loan
84 Narrative continued
85 Narrative continued
86 Narrative continued
87 Narrative: Victory Liberty Loan
88 Narrative continued
89 Narrative continued
90 Narrative: Victory Liberty Loan - General Report
91 Narrative: Knights of Columbus Campaign
92 Narrative continued
93 Narrative: The United War Drive Tag Day
94 Narrative: War Savings Stamp Drive
95 Narrative continued
96 Cartoon
96A Photo Some of the Boys Who Wore the Uniform..
96B Portraits: Mrs. James A. O'Connell, Miss Helen White
96C Photo: Major Gen. William Weigel and Staff
96D Portrait: DSr. Austin Scott; Photo Camp Raritan
96E Photographs: Some of the 307th Field Arty; Welcome Home Committee
96F Photographs: Capt. Smith, Lieut. Solomon, Lieut. McGovern, Sergt. Melrose, Lieut. Atkinson; The 78th Division
96G Portraits: Sally Parker, Voronica Wahler, Katharine Hannon, Cilia Jacobs
96H Portrait: Edwsard J. Houghton; photo: welcome home parade
96I Photographs: part of New Brunswick's naval contingent, school children in victory loan parade
96J Photographs: "The 'Taxi' Drivers," Welcome Home parade
96K Photographs: French Veterans at welcome home parade, Co. H with French veterans
96L Photographs: Ensigns Wm. Carpender andJohn A. Conger ...; The sailors and the colored men
96M Photograph: Co. H, 5th Reg, encamped at Buccleugh Park, camp later taken over by a Company of the 15th Colored Regiment
96N Photograph: Camp Dix
96O Photographs: Soldiers Welfare and Farewell Committe; First men called to be examined ...
96P Photographs: Capt. Robt. C.Nicholas and Lieut. Percy L. Van Nuis ...; Parade for boys leaving training camp
97 List of Men Workers Who Helped Put New Brunswick "Over the Top" in the Various Drives
98 List continued
99 Narrative: History of New Brunswick Chapter American Red Cross
100 Narrative continued
101 Narrative continued
102 Narrative continued
103 Narrative continued
104 Narrative continued
105 Narrative: New Brunswick Women in the War
106 Narrative continued
107 Narrative continued
108 Narrative: The Exemption Board
109 Narrative continued
110 Narrative: The Home Defense League
111 Narrative: War Camp Community Service
112 New Brunswick, N.J. Unit, New Jersey State Militia Reserve / Areeda, Adams, Arnett, Baker, Barrett, Bogan, Booth, Brown, Bunting, Caldwell, Campbell, Carpender, Carr, Colburn, Cole, Conklin, Conover, Cummings, Daire, De Lorraga, Deshler, Disbrow, Dunham, Earle, Eckert, Ellison, Gensler, Glines, Gouch, Gulick, Hall, Hardenbergh, Hauch, Heath, Hendricks, Holmes, Johns, Johnson, Jurgens, Kahn, Kay, Kelly, Kilbourne, Kinports, La Bone, Leach, Leonard, Lepine, Lewis, McCloud, McElheaney, McGinnis, McGregor, Malmros, Marvin, Metz, Mifflin, Miller, Moran, Nevius, Nuttman, Ordway, Oxley, Paul, Pollins, Polon, Porter, Prall, Rastall, Reed, Rhoades, Riggs, Rodney, Roemer, Rue, Sands, Scott, Segoine, Sharpless, Siver, Smith, Soden, Staat, Steele, Stephenson, Stevens, Stone, Sutton, Terwilliger, Tindell, Tunison, Van Arsdale
112A Photo: Middlesex County French Veterans
112B Portrait: Ensign J. Seward Johnson; Photo: War Harbor at Brest
112C Portrait: Lieut. John F. McGovern; Photo Ruins Around Grand Pre
112D Portrait: Lieut. Neil McDougal; Photo 314th Fielf Artillery Going to the Front at Meuse-Argonne
113 New Brunswick, N.J. Unit, New Jersey State Militia Reserve / Van Buskirk, Van Middlesworth, Van Nuis, Voorhees, Wall, Walter, Warren, Webb, Werner, Whitlock, Wilmot, Wilson, Bogan, Braisner, Boylan, Ramage, Treptow, Staub, Roth, Ross, Knoll, Irven, Knoll, Hardy, Howarth, Stein, Dolan, Schipman, Norman, Latham, Weller, Warner, Bochert, Armstrong, Hilliard, Ross
113 Narratives: Organization of Co. E; National Surgical Dressings Committee
114 Narrative: Food Administration
115 Narrative: Fuel Administration
116 Narratives: Service Club; Resolution to Ban the German Press
117 Narratives: Tar and Feathering of Rutgers Student; Lowering of Red Flag at Socialist Colony
118 Battlefield Map
119 Narrative: With the 78th Division
120 Narrative continued
121 Narrative continued
122 Narrative continued
123 Narrative continued
124 Narrative: Capt. Reed Writes About the 311th Infantry
125 113 Infantry, A.E.F. Deceased: Lorenz, Maddrah, West, Mohl, Boyd, Gowen, Patrick, Williams, Brymner, Nistico, Kollar, Ross, Hartman, Peterman, Tettermer, Griffith, Muscal, Wood, Hampton, Tice
126 Narrative: Training in the States
127 Narrative continued
128 Narrative continued
128A Charles H. Knapp, Distinguished Service Cross citation
128B Photographs: Hagenback, 29th Division into action in the Argonne
128C Photographs march into action
128D Photographs march into action
129 Narrative continued
130 Narrative continued
131 Narrative continued
132 Narrative continued
133 Narrative continued
134 Narrative continued
135 Narrative continued
136 Narrative continued
137 Narrative continued
138 Narrative continued
139 Narrative continued
140 Narrative continued
141 Narrative continued
142 Narrative continued
143 Cartoon
144 Narrative: Life in the trenches, as told by a local soldier
144A Photographs
144B Photograph: Armory on Codwise Avenue
145 Narrative continued
146 Narrative continued
147 Narrative: Milltown Frenchmen Answer Call of Motherland
148 Narrative continued
149 America's Total War Casualties
150 Cost of War; Organization of the American Legion
151 Narrative: Rutgers College, Its Part in the War
152 Narrative: Rutgers Preparatory School in the War
153 Narratives: New Brunswick High School's Part in the Great World War; The Parochial Schools' Part in the Conflict
154 Cartoon
155 Narrative: Raritan Arsenal
156 Narrative: The Four Minute Men
157 Summary of Local Daily Events
158 Summary of Local Daily Events
159 Summary of Local Daily Events
160 Summary of Local Daily Events
160A Photograph: Commissioned Officers of Co. H., 113th / Lamp, Burr, Smith, Rob
160B Photographs: Kitchen Squad of Co. H, 113th; Welcome Home Parade
161 List of "Business Men Who Financed The Big Advertising Campaigns"
162 Cartoons
163 New Brunswick Honor Roll / Brudish, Bush, Brokaw, Beech, Blumig, Berrue, Beyers, Campbell, Canzonier, Croker, Cadmus, Corso, Donofrio, De Chard, Donohue, Deakyne, Damiano, Dermitakis, Edling, Frey, Fitzpatrick, Flemming, Grant, Griggs, Grady, Gowen, Grears, Green, Greaves, Gianarakis, Garifalakis, Grunbacher, Guscat, Henry, Hampton, Himmler, Hoffman, Iago, Jacobinsky,Kilmer, Kazel, Kohler, Lancaster, Leach, :Lyons, McCourt, MacGee, McCool, Mackim, Marshall, Mattern, Meyers, Peck, Perry, Pollins, Paulidges, Rasickis, Ross, Robbins, Reid, Rudnitzky, Schau, Schork, Schrober, Stokes, Sterling, Troiano, Tarks, Trohalidis, Voorhees, Wood, Worthge
164 Commissioned Officers / Weigel, Castner, Halloran, Billetdoux, Condon, Chedister, Daly, Flanagan, Gruessner, Kirkpatrick, Lufburrow, Nafey, Paterson, Perlee, Pettit, Reed, Ross, Smith, Seibert, Twiss, White, Atkinson, Appleby, Bullock, Best, Byrne, Dewald, Eakins, Florance, Gildersleeve, Hoe, Jones, Kalteissen, Kitchenmeister, McGovern, McCallum, McDougal, McCarter, Martin, Merrill, Nelson, Parkins, Smith, Schureman, Strong, Webb, Way, Whisler, Archibald, Benz, Berg, Bergen, Costa, Corso, Dennis, Edgar, Fisher, Heidingsfeld, Hamer, Hoagland, Howell, Hawthorn, Hoe, Ingham, Jackson, Jones, Knox, McCloskey, McGovern, Mattern, Meyerland, Pollins, Ross, Ritchie, Roeder, Riker, Solomon, Schurr, Stacy, Stang, Shields, Taylor, Van Sickle, Walrath, Wood, Woelz, Wayke, Walker
165 Naval Officers / Carpender, Daly, Nicholas, Denman, Conover, Dunagan, Englehard, Conger, Gillam, Johnson, Rutgers, Strong, Carpender
165 Red Cross / Logan, Osborn, Hannan, Parker, Wahler, Sprague, Derr, Kearney, Jacobs, McKinney, Walker, Maley, Taylor, McLally
166 Servicemen (list is not completely alphabetical - please review carefully) / Ackerman, Acker, Ahern, Anderson, Applegate, Amon, Acker, Atwood, Antoniczuk, Aspinall, Antonale, Ayers, Anzolut, Austin, Askins, Auten, Alexander, Amato, Albert, Anton, Adams, Arcuri, Allen, Van Arsdale, Artemis, Atherley, Albert, Apostalakis, Allen, Akerstrom, Best, Barbour, Bagley, Bloodgood, Burke, Buttler, Boorman, Bergen, Brodell, Bouscher, Butler, Bernard, Bastedo, Breckley, Bradley, Brockman, Barbour, Barclay, Benadert, Baker, Burns, Backey, Bahr, Borisonyi, Burke, Buzzee, Brooksbank, Breece, Barry, Bondzsel, Besto, Burlioton, Boyer, Beeck, Bernard, Burke, Bofilios, Barry, Birch, Bobonick, Bailey, Buzzell, Brown, Breitkopf, Blauvelt, Bradley, Bowers, Batch, Blakeney, Barr, Bailey, Bates, Brinker, Boschong, Burt, Breen, Bull, Brower, Beyer, Binko, Boira, Breece, Brower, Barry, Burg, Baker, Beyers, Booth, Brady, Butler, Bass, Broffe, Brown, Breazele, Barny, Bennett, Boetcher, Buckalew, Buckelew, Breece, Biekwith, Bates, Boorcam, Becker, Bergen, Bruse, Bollman, Beaucage, Boudinot, Baschong, Bull, Burke, Buttler, Boyce, Burt, Bailey, Barnes, Buckalew, Boudinot, Baigchuk, Bradley, Bowen, Breece, Blaner, Bodner, Britton, Boorman, Butterworth, Campbell, Crane, Coopley, Crowley, Collins, Chakomsky, Copeland, Chittick, Consalvo, Carter, Christensen, Corollyk, Caton, Cosgrove, Collins, Clark, Cereghino, Cassera, Carapola, Conzanto, Cazes, Curlmaak, Carlson
167 Servicemen / Cohen, Galloway, Collier, Coleman, Chambers, Clark, Connors, Cathcart, Cinquegrani, Clinton, Cole, Conover, Corrigan, Cammel, Cohen, Coleman, Chatta, Caprio, Seeman, Thompson, Creamer, Coleman, Carter, Colligan, Conklin, Carson, Crossman, Cosgrove, Campbell, Clark, Crohl, Consalvo, Coopey, Coyne, Clark, Carr, Curtis, Cherik, Clickner, Cronk, Carroll, Curran, Campbell, Cramer, Crouch, Cosgrove, Campbell, Crane, Coyne, Cole, Copeland, Carpender, Carey, Castellani, Conners, Calamia, Comfort, Coyle, Crawford, Curren, Clark, Copeland, Cordo, Cathcart, Covert, Casey, Carlson, Clelland, Conlon, Chisholm, Carlon, Cunnius, Curtis, Casey, Croxson, Courtney, Carson, Dicandia, Dunn, Dooley, Devine, DeKeyser, Denti, Dimeo, Duruz, Duval, Donerly, Donahue, Draconlis, Doran, De Angelis, Dougherty, Daquino, Daraga, Dayton, Delesendro, Donohue, Donofrio, Danberry, Dagones, DSoyantaikies, Daly, Donnelly, DuBoice, Donelson, Dunham, Dowd, Dooley, Dermitakis, Dunham, Dixon, Drake, Damiano, Demougeot, DuBois, Duvall, Doran, Dunham, Deinzer, Diamanti, Damgaard, Donahue, Dempsey, Draper, Dudas, Dalrymple, Deinzer, Delaney, Daly, Darago, Dowdell, Duff, Della Volpe, Daskalakis, Donahue, Danberry, Dutson, Dunham, Deiner, Dell, DuBois, Dickhart, Dey, Domiano, Duffy, Dicon, Daly, Doyle, Dolan, Doan, Dennison, Devine, Dupros, Daniel, Deegan, Dunham, Dunn, Davis, Dixon, Dean, DeLoach, Doughty, Edgerton, Emond, Ellison, Earl
168 Servicemen / Enterbeg, Edgar, Erb, Edch, Estgen, Earl, Essman, Edmisson, Ezratty, Ehas, Eckert, Eden, Eidleman, Eastman, Erngey, Ellison, Erb, Elfant, Esler, Eldridge, Errickson, Eden, Edmonson, Ennis, Egerton, Evanowsky, Eckert, Ervin, Eynon, Fuhrman, Flink, Frith, Farrell, Freeman, Ford, Farkas, Frederick, Foley, Fochtmann, Farris, Feaster, Figlo, Feltman, Ferren, Fleming, Fellers, Finnigan, Fisher, Fulton, Foster, Fauthaler, Fisher, Flanagan, Fochman, Ferry, Flagg, Feller, Fiorentino, Fulton, Fitzgerald, Fischlowitz, Fraley, Flomerfelt, Frith, Fuchs, Fitos, Foss, Fries, Fehey, Faulkner, Fusco, Finnigan, Featherson, Foezman, Fasch, Freedman, Feller, Freeman, Frisch, Finlaw, Fullerton, Fitzpatrick, Fate, Felton, Ferrin, Ford, Gould, Gilliam, Gallatti, Guadagninp, Gheleno, Goldenberg, Greger, Grossman, Green, Groben, Gray, Gates, Gay, Gilliand, Gardner, Gulick, Gray, Greguson, Groben, Gordon, Genzanto, Gargan, Giaquinto, Geresi, Gallagher, Giles, Gabriel, Georggarakis, Guthowski, Gutkowsky, Gambloe, Glines, Greene, Gladden, Grandell, Gaffeney, Goodchild, Gianarakies, Grady, Garland, Geldert, Gowen, Grandell, Groth, Gebhardt, Gordon, Geanris, Galipo, Gamble, Greenwood, Greenberg, Gubsky, Galligan, Guise, Galloway, Gellery, Gilliotta, Genco, Gowen, Goldberg, Godfrey, Gillin, Gebhart, Gilbert, Geiger, Grandell, Gibson, Gamble, Garrigan, Gowen, Gaub, Goldfarb, Gonch, Golly, Gavin, Goydas, Gould, Grossweiler, Goines, Gaydos, Galipo
169 Servicemen / Gilligan, Gussie, Genco, Gall, Greenwood, Gordon, Gaffeney, Hopkins, Harkins, Howell, Holman, Hewlitt, Hoagland, Hye, Hawes, Hayes, Hanlon, Hansen, Hayes, Hunt, Harkins, Hunter, Hefner, Hendler, Hall, Hansen, Hardy, Hapanovich, Hammon, Hickey, Holman, Henry, Hayar, Hayter, Hartnett, Heffernan, Henderson, Harkins, Heitzenroder, Hokanson, Hortz, Hagaman, Harned, Hanges, Harett, Hohmann, Henry, Hanlon, Horrocks, Harkins, Hageman, Harper, Hayward, Howard, Hannan, Heckman, Heflin, Hynes, Hoagland, Hill, Hulse, Hussey, Heapy, Helferich, Hortenm Hardy, Higgins, Herbert, Henderson, Hirsh, Hennessy, Hinsas, Hopen, Harding, Hayward, Hayes, Harris, Hanesler, Holmes, Hamer, Hefner, Herman, Henry, Holman, Hudson, Hatzakis, Hobbe, Hennessey, Holman, Hartley, Hesse, Humphrey, Hoffman, Hoagland, Holmberg, Haney, Harding, Hobelman, Hatt, Higgins, Heim, Hannan, Hustis, Hammell, Harding, Haines, Holmes, Hirchman, Harris, Hunter, Irdell, Ivy, Irons, Inteman, Inzerme, Intemann, Ingling, Jonas, Jones, Jernee, Jakiel, Johnson, Jeffries, Jackson, Jonas, Jernee, Jennings, Josephowich, Jacobinsky, Jernee, Johnson, Jennings, Jeanette, Josie, Jandas, Jeremias, Jalea, Jtirjtakukis, Jernee, Jonas, Jsakalos, Jack, Jennings, Janeway, Jordon, Josepowich, Jones, Jacobinsky, Kirby, Kinney, Kane, Kursey, Kronomeyer, Keetch, Kenny
170 Servicemen / Kelly, Kenny, Kampinsky, Kuperak, Koster, Kuhn, Koch, Kallish, Kosa, Kreidlick, Kehoe, Kelly, Kibbe, Kilmer, Kohlepp, Kourkounakis, Kempton, Kane, Kelfen, Knapp, Korofalis, Kolb, Katz, Kogan, Katshan, Koch, Kehoe, Kozel, Keller, Kenny, Kahn, Kalimikos, Kady, Kramer, Kornitas, Kane, Katz, Kiskurno, Kennedy, Keller, Kearns, Kerrowsha, Kane, Kent, Kenny, Kulp, Kreyling, Kosuluseka, Kubler, Kalmer, Muprian, Lyons, Leggio, Loto, Lavido, Lacenmayer, Lane, Latham, Long, Lewis, Ludwig, Lynch, Lewis, Lupo, Lifschitz, Levine, Leary, Lee, LaPlasce, Linke, Lorch, Lovering, Lynch, Lesko, Leppert, Leary, Leggre, Ladikos, Ludwig, Lseezola, LaBone, Lively, Landekas, Lynch, Leach, Laurie, Lebenberg, Leonard, Lindner, Lawrynowicz, Leach, Lachenmayer, Louyinger, Landmesser, Lyons, Louth, Lowe, Levreo, Leach, Maliszewski, Marble, Marcario, Meyers, Miller, Millicia, Martin, Mariano, Marsh, Mack, Miller, Myers, Mason, Memetsis, Magyar, Moundalexis, Mangino, Mulligan, Mason, Mulvy, Martin, Margolis, Marcus, Meseroll, Meyers, Metes, Marsh, Martin, Machuck, Meserole, Meyer, Molimock, Mason, Menard, Mitchell, Moser, Mack, Morris, Mount, Moore, Murrasy, Mulvey, Manning, Marks, Marano, Mason, McKeon, Morris, Manley, Moran, Melchskey, Masterson, Moore, Masterio. Miller, Monk, Mullen, Merrell, Mueller, Moloneaux, Martin, Massiah, Merchant, Mesny, Milstead, Miller, Meyers, Melrose, Meincke, Macom, Metthies, Merritt, Mayer, Marsh, Marty, Matthews
171 Servicemen / Miller, Marlulakis, Manley, Mason, Murray, Miller, Marash, Morris, Meiner, Morris, Meirose, Myers, Mitchell, Mallon, Matthews, Mulligan, Martin, Milata, Martis, Mills, Mitchell, Mislan, Mayesh, Masco, March, Monk, Murray, Marcus, Mourelle, Myerrovics, Mendelsohn, Meihri, Mastorious, Matthies, MacMullen, MacGee, MacDonald, MacCready, Myers, Mildenberger, Macake, Metts, Morrowsk, McNichol, Miller, McCormick, McGinnis, McMahon, McDede, McLaughlin, McCauley, McMullen, Massih, McWhorter, McKinney, McNally, McElroy, McCowley, McCarthy,McWithey, McElhaney, McDonough, McCauley, McCabe, McCormick, McCormack, Magsaman, McCormick, Meyers, McKeon, McElroy, McCourt, McCloskey, McCormick, McElhaney, McGinnis, Meserole, Merritt, McCarthy, McLaughlin, McCarthy, Gay, McCabe, McCauley, Nattress, Nelson, Nagy, Newman, Nearling, New, Nora, Neyranowski, Nolan, Nordhouse, Norton, Nicholson, Nacunos, Narazo, Noble, Nicholson, New, Nalbandoff, Nagy, Neller, Neely, O'Brien, O'Grady, O'Neil, Osman, Orphan, Orlando, O'Conner, O'Dornell, O'Connor, O'Browsky, Obrowsky, Owens, O'Neill, Ochs, Orlando, Olesnewicz, Olah, Orpen, O'Donnell, O'Shea, Ownes, Oram, Poole, Potts, Potmas, Pentek, Panagskis, Principato, Puglisse, Parker, Pyatt, Pole, Papaniklondakis, Potter, Pack, Perrimo, Potter, Parsell, Purdy, Pocsai, Pipara, Pontello, Prefach, Preger, Potter, Paladino, Pari, Potcaik, Puglisse, Premutico, Payton, Perrine, Pratt, Pries, Putnan, Pierce, Pitzner, prentiss, Perotti
172 Servicemen / Perry, Priolo, Pitt, Pantolis, Phillips, Paulda, Ponton, Parker, Quaranto, Reed, Rusch, Rauch, Ross, Rosenburg, Rosenberg, Reebe, Rusch, Radish, Rosenberg, Reed, Ranson, Reilly, Rhoeder, Rutherford, Rochesky, Reddells, Rubino, Reid, Richter, Rosenburg, Rusciano, Robbins, Ramponi, Ruck, Runyon, Richardson, Russo, Rasickey, Robinson, Ramponia, Richter, Rubet, Richardson, Rittenhouse, Russell, Redshaw, Ramponi, Rastall, Runyon, Ruck, Rule, Reed, Robeson, Randolph, Rice, Rozelman, Russo, Rowland, Ratner, Ryan, Rawley, Raven, Reiley, Richardson, Randolph, Rolfe, Reisfield, Rose, Rogusky, Rita, Reed, Robinson, Ross, Rampone, Rayhon, Regan, Rowland, Rosenthal, Reed, Read, Rowe, Richardson, Rice, Richter, Rosenberg, Rine, Ramson, Redd, Seemann, Smith, Stuart, Staudt, Savage, Smickenbecker, Stout, Smith, Seatless, Seibel, Schlosser, Speinheimer, Scanlon, Schrader, Stone, Sweeney, Sodano, Sieverding, Schwartz, Sibley, Searle, Selesky, Slavin, Schlosser, Schroeder, Simitsis, Salfity, Samuels, Scheiner, Schuster, Sibley, Sheridan, Summers, Sproat, Sweeney, Sheer, Simon, Skidmore, Stang, Stevenson, Schanck, Schwartz, Slock, Seymore, Schuyler, Slater, Stevens, Smalley, Shea, Seimons, Sullivan, Schroeder, Smickenbecke, Sevido, Schaff, Street, Sarantos, Sciacca, Schultz, Spille, Seaker, Sweeney, Schilling, Schiffner, Schenck, Salter, Sullivan, Susen, Speak, Sarunta, Spille, Savage, Scott, Santalucia, Sofianos, Schmit, Schumacher, Stahlin
173 Servicemen / Smith, Stevens, Sackin, Sieverding, Schipman, Seaker, Stults, Skirt, Seaman, Sabart, Schulster, Simmons, Saloone, Schumacher, Showell, Surkoski, Saltiel, Shiff, Silzer, Sevy, Stein, Spille, Spinoski, Swain, Servis, Skidmore, Stout, Stevens, Sinclair, Showell, Stryker, Searles, Seaboldt, Silzer, Schwart, Stillwell, Sondon, Saunar, Synott, Stilkes, Shine, Stuart, Schinasi, Shapiro, Sandres, Sirontonaki, Susan, Scott, Saults, Schnorr, Schralya, Summer, Sgourakis, Saunor, Strauss, Saloom, Spear, Shine, Temme, Tolan, Tubek, Tartasky, Taylor, Tradell, Talmadge, Tobin, Tallman, Tappen, Tunison, Turner, Trisyack, Toth, Tollman, Thompson, Traves, Tatarsky, Teacham, Thomas, Troulinos, Temme, Tulkowit, Tevlin, Travers, Tollas, Torbert, Truglis, Toth, Teasdelle, Thomson, Thurston, Thome, Tulkpwitz, Tobin, Tarant, Triplett, Terwilliger, Till, Tolan, Thistle, Theron, Talmadge, Taylor, Thomson, Trent, Teasdale, Tamaroff, Tsakalos, Uchin, Ulrich, Van Nest, Vuthiginakis, Verge, Verleny, Vernooy, Voorhees, Van Nuis, VenDeveer, VanDerveer, Voorhees, Van Pelt, Voorhees, Vitah, Valukis, Vanderhoef, Vetran, Vogt, Visnyei, Verducci, Van Liew, Valentino, Van Pelt, Vactor, Voorhees, VanLiew, Vining, Van Dyke, Voorhees, Varon, Williams, Whitenack, Wood, Walker, Watson, Watts, Warn, Wilson
174 Servicemen / Weingart, Waller, Wylie, Whitaker, Wissert, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, White, Wallace, Warn, Westphal, Winckler, Whittaker, Waelde, Whalen, White, Wuss, Walsh, Wilkins, Wilmot, Waker, Wright, Witt, Wittkofsky, Walsh, Williams, Walker, Weaver, Wagner, Wanukick, Wilson, Watson, Walker, Weaver, Wolsilewski, Whiting, Warren, Wortwick, Wilkins, Wehrfritz, Watson, Wozniak, Walshek, Winter, Wolff, Weill, Witt, Wittkofsky, Waelde, Weber, Whalen, Witkowski, Wolff, Welch, Walker, Weingart, Weiand, Wittofsky, Wolpert. Witkowsky, Wolley, Weiner, Webster, Woods, Warnsdorfer, Young, Yauck, Yetman, Young, Yates, Yohe, Yager, Young, Zaar, Zogg, Zdziebtowoski, Zonino, Zinser, Zubrytky, Zimmerman, Zuest, Zoricky
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