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Some Additional Obituaries and Death Records

  • Anthony, Lena

  • Beckett, George M.

  • Cullen, James

  • Currier, George

  • Dilly, Lafayette

  • Gray, Catherine

  • Moore, Jennie

  • Nelson, girl

  • Pacheco, Romualdo

  • Parsons, Marie A.

  • Scott I. C.

  • Slemmer, William

  • Wirtz, Caspar

  • Edwards, George

  • Eken, Frederick A.

  • Leary, Ross and Griswold, Andrew

  • Leeler, Mrs. Dan

  • McIntyre, Mary

  • Mitchell, Walter

  • Ort, Charles

  • Partington, J. H. E.

  • Purfy, Edward F.

  • Robson Family
  • Sturtevant, Captain

  • Tolley, Victor J.

  • Veerkamp, Mrs. Louisa M.

  • Yaughger, Mrs. McEnith

  • Allen, Mrs. Maria

  • Cook, Allan A.

  • Craft, Charles

  • Deffinbaugh, Harry

  • Ewert, Earl

  • Maffey, John

  • Murder / Suicide

  • Roberts, Charles

  • Shullenberger, Charles

  • Vincent, Charles

  • Ware, Sam

  • Watrous, Mrs. Mary B.

  • Williamson, Lester

  • Williams, Right Rev. John D.D.

  • Withy, Edith

  • O'Donnell. Mrs Joanna O'Keefe

  • Chattin, Clyde Wilson

  • Chattin, Ethel

  • Hans, Earl Glenn

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