Pennsylvania Obituaries - February 12, 1943

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Addison R. Detweiler

Addison R. Detweiler, son of D. J. and the late Clara Miller Detweiler, of 335 Franklin St., Bethlehem, died Thursday, February 11, 1943, of a heart condition, aged 46. He was born July 16, 1836 in Bethlehem and is survived by his father, wife Ruth E. Bartholomew aged 46, son Roy R., son Edward K., and son Harold R., daughter Mrs. Russell Sterner, daughter Mildred Detweiler, sister Mrs. John Smith, all of Bethlehem, brother Elmer C. Diehl, of Philadelphia, and three grandchildren. Interment: Fairview cemetery.

Published: The Morning Call, Allentown, PA, Friday, February 12 1943, page 16

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