Pennsylvania Obituaries - December 30, 1982

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Mrs. Maryann S. Hillegass (widow of Adam H. Hillegass / daughter of the late Harvey and Minnie, nee Strohl, Carl), 66, died in the Allentown and Sacred Heart Hospital Center. Born in Old Zionsville and is survived by daughter Sandra (wife of James Dilcher) of Allentown; son Gerald Carl of Slatington, brother James of Macungle; brother John of Vera Cruz; brother David of Coplay; brother Sterling of Northampton; sister Pearl (wife of Louis Fix); sister Mrs. Catherine Horwart of Allentown; sister Helen Becker of Allentown; sister Irene (wife of Rbert Kelper) of Whitehall Township; Jean (wife of Carl Youngblood) of West Catasauqua; sister Nancy (wife of Robert Weaver) of West Catasauqua; and 4 grandchildren.

Published: The Morning Call, Allentown, PA, Thursday, December 30, 1982, page B8

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