New Hampshire Birth Records

We have extracted a number of New Hampshire birth records, mostly from annual town reports published along with other data including vital records such as marriages and deaths recorded by the town government.   These reports can contain errors as any compilation can.   We suggest that once you have found a person you are researching, you attempt to obtain an actual birth certificate to document your family history or genealogical research.   While those primary documents can likewise contain errors, they are less susceptible to the sort of transcription error which often occurs when a clerical person is under the gun to complete reports to meet a publishing deadline.

Below you will find links to the actual birth reports.   These have been organized by town, and then be year.   Where several pages of information are contained in the report, we have placed additional links although you should be able to jump around to multiple pages within a town on all the pages for the given year.   Note that the information is mostly contained in scanned images of pages included in the original reports.   These image files should load easily enough but if you are on a mobile device or a slow internet connection, they may load somewhat slowly.   Please be patient and let us know, via the contact link below, should you have problems.