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Below is a list of links to genealogy resources by U. S. State and some of our most recent data collections. We do not have data for every state and in these cases we provide links to other sites that do. We hope that you find this research aid helpful as you explore your family history.

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Recently Added to DistantCousin.com

  Portland, Oregon - Its History and Builders - Biographical Sketches
  Newport, Rhode Island 1921 City Directory
  New Hampshire Marriage Records - Select years for the towns of Alstead, Dover, Grafton, Newbury, Newington, Peterboro and Whitefield with more towns coming online
  New Brunswick, New Jersey in the World War
  West Virginia University 1928-29 Directory of Faculty and Students
  The Bison, Yearbook of North Dakota State College, 1934
  Nashville, Tennessee 1924 City Directory
  Northeast Pennsylvania Biographies (Including Counties of Susquehanna, Wayne, Pike and Monroe)

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