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    University of California - Berkeley, Alumni - A

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    Note: The source for this information is "The Blue and Gold '86," The Yearbook of the University of California, Berkeley

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    • Last name, First Name Class ~ Degree(s) - Profession (Married?) Residence

    • Adams, Frank L. 1881 ~ A. B. - Practicing Medicine () Oakland
    • Ainsworth, George J. 1873 ~ Ph. B., C. E. - Capitalist. Member of Board of Regents (Married) North Temescal, Alameda Co.
    • Akerly, James C. S. 1882 ~ Ph. B., Ch. - Physician () Oakland
    • Alexander, John F. 1875 ~ Ph. B., A. - Newspaper publisher (Married) Reno, Nev.
    • Anthony, C. W. 1870 ~ A. B. - Graduated from Theological Seminary, San Francisco, in 1873. Clergyman (Married) Kewanee, Henry Co., ill.
    • Armes, William D. 1882 ~ Ph. B. Lit. - Assistant in English Dept. at U. C. Part proprietor in an Oakland private school () Oakland
    • Armstrong, Albert M. 1882 ~ Ph. B., Lit. - School Teacher () St. Helena, Napa Co.
    • Arnott, N. D., jr. 1869 ~ A. B., A. M., 1872 - Engaged in mining. Has been Superior Judge. (Married) Silver Mt., Alpine Co.
    • Atherton, George A. 1880 ~ Ph. B., C. E. - For four years was chief of surveying party on the Northern Pacific R. R. Now of Tucker & Atherton, Civil Engineers. () Stockton, Cal.
    • Atkinson, John W. 1882 ~ Ph. B., Ch. - Assistant in the Chemical Dept. at U. C. until May, 1884. Since then Chemist of the American Sugar Refinery, S. F. () Oakland
    • Atwater, Frank A. 1880 ~ Ph. B., Ch. - Farmer (Married) Petaluma

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