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1913 Alumni Record of the University of Illinois - Class of 1904

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Page #Surname
Page 313Abell, Aldrich (Jarrett), Allen
Page 314Anderson, Armeling, Askins, Baer, Bailey, Ballard, Ballinger, Barker, Barter
Page 315Bauer, Benson, Bevans, Blackburn, Blocher, Bogardus, Bond (Putney), Booker, Booth, Born (Johnston)
Page 316Braun, Briggle, Browder, Brown, Brunner, Buchanan, Buck, Burford, Burgess
Page 317Burgess, Burkhardt, Cafky (Stark), Caldwell (Ingalls), Campbell (Buckles), Carothers, Carriel, Casey, Chapin, Clark
Page 318Clark, Clarkson (Evans), Cole (Spain), Colp, Converse, Coolidge, Cox, Coy, Cresap
Page 319Cuttle, Dadant, Davis, Davison (Lotz), Dayton, Carr, Deutschmann, Diefenbach, Dieterle, Dillon (Blair)
Page 320Dirks, Doeden, Dorman, Drew, Dryer, Duell, Durland, Edwards, Eidam
Page 321Eide, Engel, Engstrom, Ericson, Etherton, Evans, Flagg, Fleming
Page 322Fletcher, Foster, Frankenberg, Franklin, French, Fursman, Garnett, Gaston
Page 323George, Gibbs, Gillespie, Gillham, Ginzel, Glassco, Glick, Gorham, Gramesley
Page 324Gray, Green, Greene, Gutmann, Hadfield, Harman, Haviland, Hawes
Page 325Hawthorne, Henry, Fox (Hess), Hewerdine, Hewitt, Hilliard, Hilts, Holch, Holcomb
Page 326Holderman, Hopkins (Slutes), Horr, Howe, Howell, Hunt, Hunt (Tuttle), Jackson, Janssen
Page 327Jones, Jones (Howard), Kaeser, Karnopp, Keith, Kelly, Kershaw, King (Elden), Kircher, Knapp, Kneeland
Page 328Koehn (Hubbard), Kreisinger, Kyte, Lease, Leaverton, Leverton, Lindsay, Logeman
Page 329Loosley, Love (Brown), Lucas (Whitsitt), McCarthy, McCarty, McClure (Bicket), McCulloch, McCullough, McCully, McIlhenny
Page 330McKinley, McKnight, McMillan, Mangas (Hagans), Mann, Manspeaker, Mark (Porter), Marsh
Page 331Mather, Mautz, Mead, Medill, Mercer (Habermeyer), Miller, Mills, Miner, Miskimen
Page 332Moles (Fairchild), Moore (Binder), Morris, Morrow, Morse, Mueller, Muhl, Munsen, Murphey
Page 333Naylor, Newcomb, Niedermeyer, Ocock, Ogihara, Osgood, Outhouse, Park, Parker, Patterson
Page 334Pearson (Hiner), Perrigo, Perry (MacNeal), Peterson, Phillips, Pierce (Vail), Pinkum, Pitts, Polk, Popejoy (Jones), Post
Page 335Powell, Powers, Prettyman, Railsback, Ranson (Selters), Readhimer, Reef, Renich, Rich
Page 336Richards, Ricker, Riddle, Riehl (Thompson), Riley, Roberts, Rodman, Roulston, Royall, Royce (Hummel)
Page 337Rump, Samson, Schaefer, Schreiber, Schumacher, Seibel, Seymour
Page 338Sheldon, Sheldon (Trego), Shilton, Shinn, Shoemaker (Curtiss), Sides (Reynolds), Simpson, Slocum (Bareuther), Smith
Page 339Smith, Sommer (Uehstedt), Sonntag (Franklin), Sparks (Paisley), Staley (Danely), Stephenson, Stewart, Stone, Stookey (Wilkinson)
Page 340Stroud, Sweet, Switzer, Taylor (Fisher), Taylor, Thompson, Timm, Travis, Trimble, Tripp
Page 341Turner, Tuthill, Vance, Vanhorne, Vawter, Vickrage, Webber, Weeks, Wehmeier, Wetzel (Sheldon), White
Page 342White (Jeffrey), Wilcox, Wiley, Williams, Wilson
Page 343Wing, Wise, Wittlinger (Schlie), Woodin, Work (Hadley), Worker, Worrell, Worthen
Page 344Worthen (Maxwell), Wright, Yocum


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