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1913 Alumni Record of the University of Illinois - Class of 1907

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Page #Surname
Page 402Allen, Anderson
Page 403Andree, Apple, Archer, Argraves, Armstrong, Austin, Baird, Baker
Page 404Baker, Bagby, Balch (Farrar), Ball, Ballantyne, Barber, Barger, Barnett, Barter (Dunn), Barton
Page 405Beardsley, Beck, Beckemeyer, Belts, Bennett, Bent, Bethel, Beyer, Black, Block
Page 406Bodwell, Bond, Boon, Born, Bose, Branch, Brewer, Broadhead (Eaton), Brooks, Brown, Bullock
Page 407Burkhalter, Burnham, Burns, Burnside, Burton, Bushnell, Buxton, Caldwell, Callan, Calloway
Page 408Casey, Chambers, Cermak, Charles (McKeever), Chesnut (Bevan), Chester, Clark, Clanahan, Clingan, Coleman, Connelly (Eidam), Cook
Page 409Cooke, Cox, Crihfield, Crum, Dancey, Dailey, David, Davis, Davis (Knapp), Dick
Page 410Dillon (Moisman), Dixon, Dodd, Donigan, Donnersberger, Doss, Dougherty, Drew, Eaton, Eberspacher, Egy
Page 411Ehly, Elliott, Enlow, Ernest, Ervin, Evans, Evvard, Ewan, Fallon, Farrar
Page 412Farwell, Ferry, Fetterman (Smith), Filson, Ford, Foreman, Fowler, Freeman, Fricke, Friend, Frye, Fullenwider (Lytle)
Page 413Galhuly, Galloway, Gannaway, Gardner, Garrison, Gash, Gentsch (Harris), Gibbons, Gibbs, Gilkerson (Hopper), Gill, Glenn
Page 414Gonzalez, Graham, Grauten, Grear, Green, Greenleaf, Greenman, Grierson, Gunn
Page 415Gustafson, Gwinn, Hagan, Hake, Hall, Hanke, Hanna, Harmon
Page 416Harnit, Harper, Harvey, Haungs, Hawley, Hayes, Hazelton, Helm, Henion, Hepburn
Page 417Hess (Smith), Higgins, Hildebrandt, Hinman, Hoff, Hoffman, Hollister, Howe
Page 418Howell, Hughes, Hull, Hummel, Humphreys, Hunt (Roe)
Page 419Hunt, Huse (Pray), Hutchin, Huth, Irwin (Bronson), Jacob, James, Jervis, Jessup, Johnson
Page 420Johnston, Jones, Joy, Kammerman, Kampf, Keeler, Kendall, Kerr (Allison), Kinsey, Knapp
Page 421Knorr, Knox, Koch, Kratz, Lake, Lapham, Larimer, Lawyer, Lazear, Lee, Lendrum
Page 422Lewis, Lill, Little, Logan, Logeman, Loomis, Lowry (Varney), Luney, McCarty, McConoughey, McCullough
Page 423McFarland, McIntire, McIntyre, McKelvey, McKinnie, McKnight, McLaughlin, McMahon, McManis, MacKay
Page 424Maddock, Maddox, Main, Marks, Marshall, Martin, Marvel, Mather (Gustafson), Matthews, Maxwell, Meharry
Page 425Melton, Merritt, Meyer, Miller, Mills, Millspaugh, Miner, Moore, Moore (Helm)
Page 426Moore, Moss, Moulton, Mowder, Mueller, Mullin, Myers, Nelson, Nichol (McCully), Nielson
Page 427Noerenberg, Norton (Laemmle), Nydegger, Oathout, O'Brien, Padfield, Page, Parks, Parsons, Peck, Peine (Rost)
Page 428Perrin, Phillips, Pillsbury, Poorman, Powers, Price, Pricer, Pruitt
Page 429Randall, Ray, Reardon, Reynolds, Rich, Richardson, Robertson, Rogers
Page 430Rowand, Rump, Ryan (Lucke), Savidge, Schafmayer, Schaller, Schertz, Scholz, Schreiber
Page 431Schroeder, Schumacher, Scott, Scott (Dillon), Scott, Scruggs, Shade, Shade (Shoults), Shaffer, Shaw, Simer
Page 432Sinclair, Skinner, Sloane, Smejkal, Smith, Somers (Williams), Spitler, Sprague (Winship), Spray (Sawyer), St. John, Staker
Page 433Stearns, Stewart, Stookey, Straight, Strawn, Strombeck, Stults
Page 434Swartz (Carson), Switzer, Tanquary, Tarnoski, Taylor, Thissell, Thompson, Thomson, Tomquist, Trams
Page 435Trees, Treichel, Truman, Van Doren, Vanneman, Van Petten, Vasen, Van Ross, Wakefield
Page 436Wall, Wallace, Walters (Green), Ward, Waterhouse, Weakley, Welch, Welles, West, Westfall
Page 437White, Whiteside, Wilder, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson
Page 438Wilson, Woodham, Woodin, Work, Worthen, Wright, Yant, Yates, Yeaton
Page 439Yeck, Yensen, Young, Ziegler


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