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1913 Alumni Record of the University of Illinois - Class of 1909

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Page #Surname
Page 473Ackemann, Ackert, Almy
Page 474Alverson, Ames, Anderson, Arguelles, Arnold, Ashdown, Baird, Baker (Leonard), Baldwin
Page 475Bardwell, Barth, Bauer, Beach, Bearsley, Beck, Bell, Benefiel, Bennett
Page 476Bevis, Beyrer, Bickel, Billings, Blake (Harkins), Bland, Bookwalter, Boomer, Borton, Boynton, Bradley, Brackenbury
Page 477Brakensiek, Braley, Brand, Brauer, Breckenridge (Finch), Bredehoft, Bressler, Brooks, Brundage, Buck, Buffum (Mauker)
Page 478Bullard, Bullock, Bumgarner, Burch, Burgess, Burke, Burns, Butler
Page 479Butler, Cabeen, Campbell, Varlson, Carper, Carrell, Cary, Cawood, Chichester, Christopher, Clarke (Blood), Clark
Page 480Clark, Claycomb, Cleavinger, Clendenen, Clinite, Clow, Coffin, Coker, Collins, Cook, Corrington, Corwine
Page 481Craig, Cristy, Crow (Denison), Danford, Dayton, Dean, De Lany, De Witt, Dickerson, Dietrich, Dillon, Doerr
Page 482Doherty, Dollinger, Dorman, Downey, Drennan, Drew, Dunlap (Rodgers), Dunn, Durst, Eastman
Page 483Eaton, Eiszner, Ekblaw, Erbes, Ercanbrack, Erskine, Ervin (Roberts), Evans, Everhart, Fargo
Page 484Farmer, Fillmore, Fink, Finn, Fischer, Fishback, Fisk, Flanders, Foster, Fowler, Froehlich
Page 485Fruin, Furrow, Gangstadt, Gardiner, Gardner, Garnett, Gibbs, Gibson (Vance), Gibson, Goff (Callan), Goodspeed
Page 486Gordon, Gourley, Graham, Gregory (Walker), Gridley (Kressmann), Griffith, Grove, Gundy, Hadley, Hagie
Page 487Hake, Hall (Beeby), Handlin, Hayward, Hedgcock, Henry, Herbstman, Herrmann, Hershey, Hersman
Page 488Hertel, Heyle, Hill, Hiveley, Hjort, Hoff (Whall), Hoffman, Hoge, Holmquist
Page 489Horner, Hoskins, Houston, Howe, Hu, Hubbart, Huckin, Huffman, Humphreys, Hunsaker, Hutson
Page 490Ilg, Ingold, Irving, Irwin, Jackson, James, Jensen
Page 491Johanning, Johnson, Johnston, Jones (Western), Jones
Page 492Jordan, Kagy, Kays, Kelley, Kelly, Kerr, Kilner (Reid), Kincaid, King
Page 493Kingsbury, Kirk, Knapp, Knox, Korsmo, Kost, Kraft, Kreiling, Kressmann, Lang, Large
Page 494Laughlin, Lee, Lee (McKelvey), Lindberg, Lindley, Linn, Linton, Lloyd, Locke, Lofquist, Long
Page 495Lord, Lorenz, Lund, Lynn, McCaskey, McClenahan, McCrea, McGinnis, McIntyre, McKelvey, McLaughlin
Page 496McMillan, McMillen, McNeill, Majumdar, Mann (Waddell), Mann (Hepburn), Mansfield, Manspeaker, Marsh
Page 497Marsh, Marti, Martin (Swisher), Martin (Ramp), Maryatt, Mathewson, Matthews, May
Page 498Melton, Messick, Millar, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Morris, Mosby
Page 499Musser, Myers, Mylrea, Nash, Nein, Nickell, Nicodemus, Nolte, Nuckolls (Barnett), Osborne, Palmer (Sharpe)
Page 500Papworth, Parcel, Parkin, Parks, Parsons (Jordan), Paton, Patton, Pearce, Pease (Pettigrew), Pellens, Penn
Page 501Perring (Langdon), Perry, Pettigrew, Phillips, Pinkerton, Pollard, Ponzer, Poorman, Pope
Page 502Post, Potter, Powell, Powers, Prather, Pruitt, Pursifull, Railsback, Rainey, Ramser, Rayner
Page 503Rebman, Reece, Reed, Regan, Retz, Richards, Richardson, Ricketts, Reische, Ripley
Page 504Risser, Ritchie, Robbins, Robert, Robinson, Robson, Rodgers, Rohrer (Fisher), Rose, Roth, Rowland, Rusk
Page 505Russell, Sachs, Saemann, Samuels, Schaefer, Schulzke, Schumacher, Schwarzkoff, Scoggin, Smith
Page 506Seed (Rogers), Seely, Seiler, Seymour, Shaw, Shively (Wegeng), Shrader, Simmons, Simms
Page 507Simpson, Sinnett, Sinnock, Smith, Snider, Southgate, Southwick, Sparks, Sprecher, Stanger, Steele, Stein, Stewart
Page 508Stewart, Stocker, Stout, Strauch, Streff, Sumay, Swett, Swift, Swisher, Tagore
Page 509Talbot, Taniyama, Tonzalin, Taylor (Higgins), Thal, Thompson, Thomson, Tice, Tobias (Heitman)
Page 510Trotter, Tu, Tull, Tygett, Van Dorsten (Holch), Van Hook, Voorhees (Squires), Vosburgh, Waggoner, Wagner, Walledom
Page 511Walsh, Warrick, Waugh, Weaver (Dorris), Weiss, Wernsing, Wham, White, Williams, Williamson, Wilson
Page 512Wilson, Wineman, Wolf, Woodworth, Wray, Wreath, Wright, Wussow, Wyatt
Page 513Yehling, Young, Zahrobsky, Zearing, Zilly


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