Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1878

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Page #Surname
Page 109Graduates: Allen, Ayres
Page 110Babbott, Barbour, Barker, Birdsall, Porter
Page 111Blodgett, Bronson, Buck, Burgess, Buxton
Page 112Carleton, Colcord, Conant, Couch, Courtney, Cowles
Page 113Culver, Franklin, Denfield, Dike, Dougherty
Page 114Dyer, Eaton, Ely, Fairley
Page 115Fisher, Foskett, Fuller, Gardiner, Goodnow
Page 116Haynes, Hedden, Heath, Heselton
Page 117Herbert, Hill, Hinsdale, Hitchcock
Page 118Holden, Johnson, Jones, Joy
Page 119Kauffman, King, Kongsbury, Ladd, Lester, Mellen
Page 120Moore, Mossman, Norton, Osgood, Peck
Page 121Peet, Plimpton, Pratt, Ricker, Sanders, Scarborough
Page 122Searle, Selden, Slack, Sleeper, Smith
Page 123Spahr, Stearns, Stone, Stoops
Page 124Sylvester, Thomas, Tower, Walker, Wellman, Whipple
Page 125White, Whitney, Willard, Wright
Page 126NonGraduates: Calligan, Colman, Crittenden, Effinger, Goble, Ham, Heffern
Page 127Hitchings, Holbrook, Hull, Irish, Kingman, Lindley
Page 128Martin, Maxwell, May, Mead, Merriam, Nisbet, Peabody
Page 129Phipps, Pierce, Plummer, Reed, Royal
Page 130Sanders, Seavey, Smith, Taylor, Warner, Wilcox