Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1880

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Page #Surname
Page 150Graduates: Alden
Page 151Allen, Banta, Bemis
Page 152Blair, Bliss, Bronson
Page 153Burnaby, Chapin, Chase, Clarke, Crofoot
Page 154Cummings, DePeu, Eaton, Farrington, Farwell
Page 155Field, Fisher, Fiske, Gaylord
Page 156Gillett, Goodrich, Gunnell, Headley
Page 157Holbrook, Hopkins, Howe
Page 158Jones, Keith, Kellogg, Kelsey, Lane
Page 159Lawrence, Little, McGregory, Merrill
Page 160Milliken, Morey, Morse, Nichols
Page 161Noyes, Packard, Perkins, Richardson
Page 162Rogers, Rolfe, Sawyer, Sears
Page 163Seymour, Snedeker, Stebbins, Stephenson
Page 164Strong, Stuart, Taylor, Turner, Warren
Page 165Wheeler, White
Page 166Whittemore, Wilson, Woolworth, Yates, NonGraduates: Allen
Page 167Beebe, Bisbee, Brown, Burgess, Chace, Flower, Gunn
Page 168Hall, Hill, Howard, Jenkins, Learned
Page 169Libbey, Lowe, Northend, Reed, Rudolph
Page 170Simonds, Smith, Stuart, Taylor, Vrooman, Whiting, Whittemore
Page 171Whittemore