Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1881

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Page #Surname
Page 171Graduates: Abbott, Baker, Beebe, Beveridge
Page 172Boardman, Boltwood, Brainerd, Carver, Chapin
Page 173Christie, Clarke, Cope, Crittenden, Day, Dickinson
Page 174Dickinson, Doubleday, Dunnels, Dwight, Fiske
Page 175Forbes, French, Galloway, Gibson, Gilbert
Page 176Goodrich, Gould, Hall, Hardon
Page 177Hilton, Hinchliffe, Hitchcock, Hughitt, Kemp
Page 178Ladd, Latimer, Low, Lyman, McCormick, MacVeagh
Page 179Mellen, Morrill, Murphy, Nason
Page 180Nelson, North, Parsons, Patton, Pond
Page 181Prince, Rand, Richardson, Richmond
Page 182Robbins, Rugg, Russell, Sawin
Page 183Sawyer, Sayles, Scarborough, Seelye, Seymour
Page 184Shaw, Smart, Smith, Spahr, Stearns
Page 185Stilwell, Thurston, Wackerhagen, Washburn, Wells
Page 186Wilson, Woodward, NonGraduates: Bradley, Burdick, Chapel
Page 187Collier, Core, Denfeld, Hartwell, Hayes
Page 188How, Johnson, Knowlton, Lampson, Linnell, Lyman
Page 189Martin, Matthews, Maynard, Merrill, Parker
Page 190Rise, Saylor, Sears, Stevens, Stillman, Underhill
Page 191Vernon, Vincent, Webster