Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1889

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Page #Surname
Page 325Graduates: Allen, Appleton, Baldwin, Belcher, Bemis, Bigelow
Page 326Bigelow, Bosworth, Brown, Callahan, Camp
Page 327Carleton, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chancellor, Churchill
Page 328Clarke, Cody, Cooke, Coolidge, Copeland
Page 329Corey, Corss, Crowell, Cushman, Day, Dean
Page 330Denison, Derr, Dicken, Dickinson, Dixon, Dodd
Page 331Drown, Eastman, Edsall, Emerson, Esty, Ewing
Page 332Fairbank, French, Gilbert, Golder, Gray, Guptill
Page 333Harlow, Hitchcock, Holt, Holton, Howard, Humphrey, Jackson
Page 334James, Jones, Kabayama, Kellogg, Luther, Merriam
Page 335Moore, Nakajima, Sawayama, Newell, Parkman, Phelps
Page 336Philbric, Porter, Preston, Rich, Severance
Page 337Smith, Spaulding, Stearns, Storrs, Sumner, Talmage
Page 338Taylor, Thayer, Thompson, Truslow, Tuttle, Wadhams
Page 339Walker, Watkins, White, Wier, Warren
Page 340Willcox, Wilson, Woodbridge, Worthley, NonGraduates: Ackerman
Page 341Burr, Crocker, Derby, Dole, George, Gurney
Page 342Hamlin, Hartman, Herrick, Kenyon, Kimball, Loomis
Page 343McKibben, Milliken, Moorehead, Morris, Reynolds, Sebring, Shaw, Smith
Page 344Tappan, Thorne, Tingley, Webster, Winslow, Woodworth