Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1890

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Page #Surname
Page 344Graduates: Austin
Page 345Ballou, Bartlett, Boyd, Brooks, Buck
Page 346Burns, Child, Clapp, Coit, Corning, Crockett
Page 347Daniels, Deane, Delabarre, Dewey, Dickerman, Doane, Duffey
Page 348Dunbar, Durand, Durgin, Ewing
Page 349Fay, Gates, Gilbert, Hare, Harrison, Hayward
Page 350Houghton, Howland, Hunt, Ingalls, Joiner
Page 351Kimball, Kyburg, Lacey, Landfear, Lester, Low, MacFadden
Page 352McGlashan, MacNeil, Nolte, Putnam, Raymond, Reynolds
Page 353Richardson, Ricker, Rogers, Sayles, Small, Smith
Page 354Smith, Taft, Tenney, Weldon, Whitaker, Whitman
Page 355Whitney, NonGraduates: Bangs, Banks, Burns, Calmer, Carpenter
Page 356Chapin, Colton, Cushman, Doyle, Dunham, Holden
Page 357Kelley, King, Lackland, Moody, Pope, Sterrett
Page 358Strickland, Taylor, Towne, Turner, Walbridge, West, White
Page 359Williams