Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1893

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Page #Surname
Page 392Graduates: Abbott
Page 393Allis, Babson, Baldwin, Bebee, Beekman, Bigelow
Page 394Bliss, Blodgett, Breed, Brooks, Buffum
Page 395Cass, Clarke, Cole, Crockett, Dann, Davidson
Page 396Davis, Edgell, Esty, Fisher
Page 397Gallinger, Gill, Goddard, Goodrich, Griswold, Hamilton, Hawes
Page 398Hiscox, Hodgdon, Houghton, Hunt, Jackson, Johnson, Kemmerer, Kimball
Page 399Lacey, Lay, Lewis, McCurdy, Manwell, Morris, Nash, Norton
Page 400Norton, Nourse, Olmstead, Olmsted, Parker, Pratt, Raub
Page 401Reed, Rogers, Ross, Russell, St. John, Sanderson
Page 402Schauffler, Shea, Smith, Story, Swett, Talcott
Page 403Tinker, Tufts, Turner, Wales, Wood
Page 404Wood, Woodworth, Zug, NonGraduates: Allen, Babcock, Baker
Page 405Barber, Bray, Brown, Buswell, Byron, Carter, Cornish, Cummings
Page 406Davis, Dodge, Ellis, Ford, Gallaudet, Gane
Page 407Gould, Hallock, Harback, Hunt, Ide, Keating, Kennedy
Page 408Kimball, Ladd, Lord, Morse, Paul, Phelps, Raley, Reade
Page 409Schimmler, Senftner, Sibley, Swift, Takasaki, Taylor, Tower, Trask
Page 410Tsanoff, Walker, Wilson