Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1896

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Page #Surname
Page 435Graduates: Adams
Page 436Adams, Bancroft, Barker, Beverstock, Bixler, Blakemore, Bliss, Bolster
Page 437Bouton, Brainard, Buck, Bullard, Burnham, Cauthers, Chase
Page 438Chase, Cobb, Cochrane, Collins, Corbin, Crosby, Davis, Dunning
Page 439Dustin, Eastman, Ellinwood, Ellis, Elvins, Emerson, Ensworth
Page 440Fales, Field, Gardner, Gates, Gaylord, Gleason, Gregory, Hall, Halligan
Page 441Harkness, Haskell, Haven, Hayes, Hazzard, Hill, Hiscox
Page 442Hitchcock, Holman, Houghton, Howard, Hurd, Hyde, Jaggar, Jewett, Jones
Page 443Jump, Kimball, Lockwood, Lombard, Loomis
Page 444Loveland, Lumbard, McAllister, McKinney, Magill, Merriam, Metcalf
Page 445Mighill, Milne, Montague, Moulson, Nash, Nichols, Patrick
Page 446Pearsons, Porter, Pratt, Priddy, Reid, Riley, Robbins
Page 447Robinson, Rockwood, Rollins, Russell, Sanderson, Sharp, Smith
Page 448Spooner, Staples, Stiger, Stone, Storrs, Taylor, Thayer
Page 449Thompson, Trask, Tyler, Walker, Watkins, Wells
Page 450Witherby, Woodworth, York, NonGraduates: Melbourne, Ballard, Blagden
Page 451Brooks, Bruce, Bryant, Cash, Clayson, Cook, Curtis, Dana
Page 452Dean, Elliott, Foote, Gregory, Gurley, Hall
Page 453Harris, Holt, Hudson, Hunt, Kauffman, Kimball, Lesinsky, Loud
Page 454Loud, Mansfield, Moore, Olmsted, Perry
Page 455Rosa, Russell, Schiff, Smith, Thomas, Thompson, Van Leuven, Whittlesey
Page 456Willets, Wood