Welcome to the Alumni History of the University of North Carolina, 1795 to 1924

We have scanned the publication, "Alumni History of the University of North Carolina, 1795 to 1924" and indexed it for your search. This title was published and distributed by the General Alumni Association of the University of North Carolina and printed by Christian and King Printing Company in 1924. The publication provides an alphabetical listing by surname of thousands of matriculates with a brief individual history for each. Please refer to the abbreviations, included below, for any terms, symbols or other such items which confuse you as several obvious and some not so obvious ones are used.

This text also contains short sections for:

  • Roster of Student Body of 1923-24, excluding those who won degrees at Commencement of 1924;
  • Roster of Students' Army Training Corps, University Unit, fall of 1918;
  • Roster of those receiving honorary degrees from the University, 1799 - 1924;
  • Roster showing geographical distribution of living (in 1924) alumni;
  • Class rosters from the time of the re-opening of the University in 1875;
  • Present (1924) University Organization and Faculty; and
  • Roster of University Trustees -- with terms of office.

The compilation and verification of data was a monumental task achieved in a relatively short time (2 years) and, as with all such publications, the user should verify information before using it in their research. Note that there is a section devoted to corrections known after initial organization and before ultimate publication. We strongly suggest you refer to this information once you have found the person(s) you are researching and before leaving the site.

To view information included in the main, history section, simply click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of an individual's last name. You will be sent to a page which lists page numbers and surnames. Clicking on the appropriate page number will take you to a scanned image of the specific page. These files are fairly large and may take time a few seconds to download. We thank you for your patience and hope that you find this resources useful.

Page ITitle Page
Page Iatitle insert
Page IIPublisher and Printer
Page IIIPortrait of Harry Woodborn Chase, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University of North Carolina, 1919
Page IVTable of Contents
Page VAppreciation
Page VIEditorial Notes and Abbreviations
Page VIIAbbreviations page 2
Page VIIIEditorial Notes
Page IXEditorial Notes
Page XEditorial Notes
Page XIEditorial Notes
Page XIICorrections: Pages 2 - 73
Page XIIICorrections: Pages 73 - 119
Page XIVCorrections: Pages 120 - 208
Page XVCorrections: Pages 209 - 310
Page XVICorrections: Pages 312 - 374
Page XVIICorrections: Pages 374 - 428
Page XVIIICorrections: Pages 428 - 529
Page XIXCorrections: Pages 529 - 626
Page XXCorrections: Pages 632 - 704
Pages 1 to 704
Alphabetical list of matriculates with brief histories
A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   MC   N   O   P   Q .. R   S   T   U .. V   W   Y .. Z
Page 705 Supplement: Adams, Albright, Allen, Archer, Argo, Babbitt, Bagwell, Barnhill, Barnett, Batts, Beard, Bell
Page 706 Supplement: Bigger, Bingham, Bizzell, Bobbitt, Boettcher, Boone, Bransford, Bridges, Bridgers, Bright, Brooks, Brothers, Brown, Bryan, Bullock, Burleson, Byrd
Page 707 Supplement: Caldwell, Carter, Clark, Conwell, Egerton, Flanagan, Franck, Futrelle, Gillespie, Grimes, Hall, Hamer, Hamilton, Hayworth, Hoggard, Hooker, Horner, Jarman, Johnston
Page 708 Supplement: Jones, Justice, Kistler, Lineberry, McIntosh, Mallett, Martin, Morris, Murphy, Newman, Norwood, Orr, Pangle, Raby, Rintels, Rosenbacher, Slade, Spruill, Wells, Wilson
Page 709 Catalogue of Graduate Students (1923 - 1924): Atkinson, Brearley, Carr, Daugherty, Dearstyne, Dickert, Duncan, Elliott, Foster, Hampton, Haronian, Harvey, Hinman, Hurley, Jenkins, Johnson, Lawrence, Liddell, Lyons, Murray, Muthiah, Norton, Olsen, Perine, Potter, Randall, Rogers, Sessums, Setzer, VanLandingham, Viele, Webb, Wulbern, Zehmer
Pages 711 - 739 Catalogue of Undergraduate and Professional Students (1923 - 1924)
Pages 740 - 747 Students Army Training Corps, 1918
Page 748 Honorary Degrees 1799 - 1831
Page 749 Honorary Degrees
Page 750 Honorary Degrees
Page 751 Honorary Degrees
Page 752 Honorary Degrees
Page 753 Honorary Degrees
Page 754 Honorary Degrees
Pages 755 - 852 Geographical Roster of Living Alumni
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Pages 853 - 932 Class Rosters by year
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Pages 933 - 950 UNC Organization, Administration, Faculty, Trustees, 1924-25

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