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Note: The source for this information is "The News" 1915, The Yearbook of Lancaster High School, Lancaster, PA. Images of the pages have been included for your reference. They are not very good scans. We apologize. They were scanned quite some time ago when technology was not very good.


    "She was active, stirring, all fire-
    Could not rest, could not tire-
    To a stone she might have given life!"
"Molly," the most athletic, girl in the class, was a member of the Glee and Mandolin Clubs, the Florentine Literary Society, a member and manager of the basket ball team, and a reporter for the High School NEWS.

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    "Spend much time in reflection," said the mirror.
Florence belongs to the Glee Club and the Florentine Literary Society. "Puss" is one of the best bluffers we have in our section, and is always ready for a good time.

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    "Never do anything off hand," said the glove.
Elizabeth another illustrious student, belongs to the Florentine Literary Society, and is the Secretary of the Senior class. "Betty" intends going to Millersville next term,

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Edna Harnby, otherwise called "Ed" is a jolly person and a good one to have around if subject to fits of the "blues." She likes studying (?) eating (natural to a fat person), girls and we even suspect her of an inclination toward the boys. She is a member of the Athenian Literary Society,

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    "Erla H. is a winsome girl,
    She combs her hair in the latest twirl,
    Fuzzed on the top with a knot in the rear
    And a large amber braid pin over her ear."
"Fussy" plays the violin in the Orchestra. She sings in the Glee Club, and belongs to the Florentine Literary Society,

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    "Trust to your stars for success," said the night.
Mae is one of our most popular classmates. She was president and secretary of the Florentine Literary Society; associate editor of the NEWS in her Senior year, and assistant business manager in her Junior year. She is also one of the mainstays of the Glee club. "Mazie" is a very bright girl and a very good bluffer. She belongs to the "Feeding Six" and the "Trouble- some Trio."

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