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Note: The source for this information is "The News" 1915, The Yearbook of Lancaster High School, Lancaster, PA. Images of the pages have been included for your reference. They are not very good scans. We apologize. They were scanned quite some time ago when technology was not very good.


    "Swift he bestrode his fiery steed."
Frederick McKinley Frantz, who until a few years ago was one of the quietest fellows in the class, first came to us from Chestnut Street Grammar School. His athletic activities have been limited to playing on the class football and class soccer teams in his Junior year. In the same year he was assistant business manager of the High School NEWS. As a Senior Fred was the business manager of the NEWS in which position he was very active and faithful. Though he had considerable other work to attend to; he was untiring in his efforts to place the NEWS upon a firm financial basis. Altogether he has filled the most difficult position of the Staff in a very satisfactory and capable manner. "Harpie" was a member of the Senior Invitation Committee, the Colonial Club and the "Magni Pedes."

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    "Behold a child of Nature's kindly law, Pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw."-Pope
Gerald Deibert Gise is the smallest member of the class. He came from Mulberry Street School and took up the General Latin Course. Although he is very small in stature, he talks enough for a person twice his size and can be heard long before he is seen. While .he is a great pianist, his greatest skill lies in playing tennis which he does very well for a person of his physical build. In his Senior year "Baby" was a member of the , Pin Committee, but otherwise has taken very little part in school activities. He is one of the members of the "Magni Pedes" and is reputed to be very graceful in the art of dancing. Next fall he will enter Franklin and Marshall College.

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    "For he had a natural talent at pleasing the sex, and was never long in company with a petticoat without paying ,,;~c.c. proper court to it."-Irving
    "It would talk - Lord! how it talked." -Beaumont and Fletcher
    "Throw physic(s) to the dogs; I'll none of it." -(Adapted from Shakespeare)
Paul Albert Guiles came to us from Lemon Street School with a good reputation for conduct, but he failed to live up to it here. His first act on entering was to cut his name on a desk in Mr. Kramer's room; and he has been cutting up ever since. "Skinny" was a member of the Cap and Gown Committee, secretary of the High School NEWS, and a member of the Colonial Club. He is the notorious ringleader of the Number Six Physics Table, and will do anything from falling off his stool to throwing eras- ers out the window. Paul is an incessant talker; in fact, it seems almost impossible for him to keep quiet. Around a soda fountain or in a restaurant is the place to find him, generally with two of his friends, (Lampe and Lively), of the same Epicurean tastes as himself. After graduation Paul expects to study for the degree of C. P. A. at the Wharton School of Finance, in Philadelphia.

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