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Note: The source for this information is "The News" 1915, The Yearbook of Lancaster High School, Lancaster, PA. Images of the pages have been included for your reference. They are not very good scans. We apologize. They were scanned quite some time ago when technology was not very good.


    "And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared."
Montgomery Lewis Lampe was for several years one of the quiet members of the class, taking little part in its activities except to win his numerals in the Inter-Class Meet of 1913. In his Junior year, he was elected to the position of Assistant Editor of the High School NEWS; in this position he proved an invalu- able help to the Editor. When he became Editor at the beginning of this year, he at once showed the results of previous training by raising the standard of the NEWS and maintaining its high standard throughout the year. As Editor, he had many difficulties to overcome, but this made him only work the harder to accomplish his purpose. In spite of the arduous and exacting work of editing a school paper, he has attended faithfully to his studies and found time besides to enter the D. A. R. Literary Contest in which he won first prize. In English and Shorthand he ranks with the best. The fact that he is a canoeist and a nature lover, and has devoted considerable time to the study of ornithology, besides being a chess player of sqme ability, is ample proof that our worthy editor is quite versatile. He is a member of the well known Triumvirate, usually being the brains of any enterprise that is being launched by this group. After leaving school, he intends to engage in the study of forestry, and will no doubt become one of our eminent foresters. We regret to state, however, that he belongs to Physics Table Number Six - a stigma that is bound to attach to him through life.

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    "I've lived and loved." -Coleridge
    "He is the very pineapple of politeness." -Sheridan.
Lloyd Lester Lively, is one of the most popular students in the Commercial Department. In his Sophomore year Lloyd was on the Color and Pennant Committees. In his Junior year he was Class President; and in his Senior year was Class Reporter on the NEWS staff. As an athlete, Lloyd played on the soccer team in his Junior year, and now is fast becoming a good tennis player. He was one of the first members of the Red and Black Literary Society, in which he was probably the best debater. On Saturdays and during the summer he is a clerk in the Fulton National Bank. "Tub'~ is a well known society man and a canoeist.

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