Pennsylvania State College Faculty, 1920 - A

Pennsylvania Marriage Records  

Note: The source for this information is "LaVie," Volume 31, The Yearbook of Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA

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Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameDegreePosition
AdamsC.S.B. S.Extension Representative - Berks County
AdamsD.S.B. S.Extension Representative - Chester County
AdamsH.S.B. S.Extension Representative - Butler County
AdamsJ.F.PH. D.Assistant Professor of Botany
AndersonC.R.M. F.Assistant Professor of Forestry
AndersonDavidAllenM. A., PH. D.Professor of Education and Psychology; Director of the Board of Recommendations
AnthonyE.L.Associate Professor of Dairy Husbandry
ArmsbyHenryPrentissPH. D., LL. D.Director of the Institute of Animal Nutrition
ArmstrongGraceB.M. S.Instructor in Home Economics Extension
ArmstrongHerbertM.B. S.Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
ArnoldMamieB. S.Assistant in Home Economics Extension
AtkinsonD.W.B. S.Extension Representative - Delaware County
AyersVincentL.B. S.Teaching Fellow in Geology


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