Pennsylvania State College Faculty, 1920 - K

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Note: The source for this information is "LaVie," Volume 31, The Yearbook of Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA

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Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameDegreePosition
KeachDeWittTalmadgePH. B.Assistant Professor of Chemistry
KearneyA.F.B. S.Extension Representative - Clearfield County
KeithWalterJacksonPH. D.Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry
KellerJ.OrvisInstructor in Industrial Engineering
KellyJ.P.M. A.Assistant Professor of Botany
KernF.D.PH. D.Professor of Botany
KinsloeCharlesL.B. S., E. E.Professor of Electrical Engineering
KistlerHomerK.B. S.Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
KlappC.W.B. S.Extension Representative - Northampton County
KleinshmidtL.S.M. S.Assistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry
KnandelH.ClydeAssistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry Extension
KnaussJamesOwenM. A.Assistant Professor of History
KnightOscarA.A. B.Instructor in Metallurgy
KnollF.P.Superintendent of Creamery
KocherAlfredL.A. B., M. A.Associate Professor of Architectural Engineering (Now Head of Department)
KockerAlfredL.M. A.Acting Associate Professor of Industrial and Fine Arts
KorbP.P.B. S.Extension Representative - Sullivan County
KresslyM.E.Instructor in Architectural Engineering
KrissMaxB. S.Associate of the Institute of Animal Nutrition
KumlerKatherineA. S.Instructor in Household Arts


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