Pennsylvania State College Faculty, 1920 - M

Pennsylvania Marriage Records  

Note: The source for this information is "LaVie," Volume 31, The Yearbook of Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA

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Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameDegreePosition
MacDonaldMargaretB.PH. D.Associate Professor of Agricultural Chemistry
MacDonaldMiss PearlB. S.Associate Professor of Home Economics Extension
MairsThomasI.B. Agr., M. S.Professor of Agricultural Education and Superintendent of Correspondence Courses
MarkleDavidL.B. S., E. E.Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
MarquardtCarlEugeneM. A., PH. D.Associate Professor of German
MarshmanJohnT.M. A.Professor of Public Speaking, Director of Liberal Arts Extension
MartinAsaEarlM. A., PH. D.Assistant Professor of American History
MartinWallaceH.M. E.Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
MasonA.F.M. S.Assistant Professor of Horticultural Extension
MasonDavidD.B. A.Instructor in Romance Languages
MasonThomasWilliamM. S.Assistant Professor of Chemistry
MathersJ.R.B. S.Extension Representative - Columbia County
McAllisterBessL.B. S.Assistant in Home Economics Extension
McBrideC.G.B. S.Assistant Professor of Agricultural Extension
McColloughElzyVernM. A.Instructor in Economics
McCordJ.E.B. S.Extension Representative - Jefferson County
McCoyEttaJ.M. S.Instructor in Home Economics Extension
McDonaldC.W.B. S.Instructor in Animal Husbandry
McDowellC.C.B. S.Extension Representative - Somerset County
McDowellMiltonS.M. S.Director of Agricultural Extension
McKeeJ.M.B. S.Extension Representative - Washington County
McNaughtonEdnaB.M. A.Instructor in Home Economics Extension
McQuiggCharlesEllisonE. M.Head of the Department of Metallurgy; Associate Professor of Metallurgy
McWilliamsH.C.B. S.Extension Representative - Cambria County
MengelArthurR.B. S.Instructor in English
MillardStephenJ.B. S.Instructor in Industrial Engineering
MillerEmersonWaldoB. A., LL. D.Instructor in English
MillerGeorgeFunstonB. S.Instructor in Chemistry
MillerH.B.Instructor in Civil Engineering
MillerJ.W.M. S.Instructor in Plant Pathology
MillerNormanC.B. M. E.Assistant Professor, Engineering Extension Division
MillsG.H.Instructor in Electrical Engineering
MinshallRobertE.B. S.Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
MittenJ.W.Assistant in Dairy Husbandry
MoffittE.L.B. S.Assistant Professor of Farm Organization Extension
MooersHoratioTobeyB. A.Instructor in English
MooreElwoodS.A. B., A. D., PH. D.Dean of the School of Mines; Director, Mining Experiment Station; Professor of Geology and Mineralogy
MossLouiseB.B. S.Assistant Professor of Domestic Science
MuncieJ.H.M. A.Instructor in Plant Pathology, Field Laboratory
MyersC.E.M. S.Associate Professor of Plant Breeding


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