Pennsylvania State College Faculty, 1920 - R

Pennsylvania Marriage Records  

Note: The source for this information is "LaVie," Volume 31, The Yearbook of Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA

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Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameDegreePosition
RahnN.M.B. S.Extension Representative - Carbon County
RasmussenFredProfessor of Dairy Husbandry
ReistH.N.B. S.Extension Representative - Warren County
ResidesGeorgeH.Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering
RhotonAlvisL.M. A.Associate Professor of Education
RiceP.X.Instructor, Engineering Experiment Station
RickerMarionC.B. S.Assistant in Home Economics Extension
RitenourJosephPaulM. D.Director of the College Health Service and College Physician
RobertsonMartinBrownB. A.Teaching Fellowship in English
RobinsonClairW.M.A.Assistant Professor Geology and Mineralogy
RobinsonClarenceC.K. A.Director of Music
RobinsonLillianBolesM. A.Instructor of Music
RockeyOrdeanB. A.Instructor in English
RogersHelenK.B. S.Assistant in Home Economics Extension
RothenbergerA.K.B. S.Extension Representative - Montgomery County
RoweJosephE.PH. D., M. A.Associate Professor of Mathematics
RunkleErwinWilliamM. A., PH. D.Professor of Psychology and Ethics; Librarian of the Carnegie Library
RussellJ.M.B. A.Instructor in English


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