Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, Union County, NJ

Fairview Cemetery is located along East Broad Street in Westfield, Union County, NJ.   It is easily accessible from the Garden State Parkway, by taking exit 135 and heading towards Westfield.   If you can bring yourself to go past the Westfield downtown shopping, restaurant, etc. area, it is a few minutes from there.   If you can't bypass downtown, pay a visit to Crumbs and get a cupcake for me, but also, please visit Bovellas bakery and enjoy something there.   You won't be disappointed!

The cemetery can reached via telephone (908) 232-0781, by mail using the following address:
Executive Director, Fairview Cemetery
1100 East Broad Street
P.O. Box 850, Westfield, New Jersey 07091-0850
or by paying a visit to their offices on location.   I could find no published e-mail address.

The cemetery is very large spanning over 100 acres.   There is an online map available for download PDF file here: http://westfieldnj.com/fairview/NewFiles/map2011.pdf.   You need either a map or an employee to find locations.   There have to be a few tens of thousands burials here.

The grounds are truly beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful for a cemetery of this size that I have seen.   They are very well maintained by experienced professionals.   Tombstones are in generally good condition with typical wear due to the elements.

Fairview is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization, owned and operated solely for the benefit of its Property Owners.   It was opened in 1868 and has many "old" burials from that period.   We hope to photograph as many older burials as we can over a long period.   As we do, we will note the section in which each tombstone was found.   Please reference the map to interpret these locations.   Please be patient as we bring this cemetery online.   We hope this work will be of value to you in your family history research.

Click on the first letter of last names you are researching to view burial information and tombstone photographs:

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Markers we weren't certain about:

  • KLM ~~ 1974   Tombstone Photograph - location=Hopeside

  • ???hburn, Howard C. (son of F. B. and N. ???hburn) ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph - location=Hopeside

  • ? Andree ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph - location=Hopeside

  • Unknown* ~~ 1879 - 1912   Tombstone Photograph - location=Hopeside