Portland, Maine 1915 City Directory - H

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Portland, Maine 1915 City Directory - H

Click on the page number which corresponds to your surname of interest and this should take you to the appropriate page.

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 569Habner, Hachadworin, Hackenberg, Hacker, Hackett, Haddock, Hadley, Hadlock, Hadzor
Page 570Hadzor, Haffner, Hagan, Hagar, Hagberg, Hagen, Hager, Hagerty, Haggett, Hagley, Hagman, Haimson, Haines
Page 571Haines, Hakans, Halerow, Hale, Haleigh, Haley
Page 572Haley, Halfpenny, Hall
Page 573Hall
Page 574Hall, Hallahan, Hallen, Hallenbeck, Hallett, Hallisey, Halliwell, Halloran, Halloway, Halpin, Halpine, Halstead, Halverson, Halway, Ham
Page 575Ham, Haman, Hamblen, Hamblet, Hamblin, Hamel, Hamilton
Page 576Hamilton
Page 577Hamilton, Hamlen, Hamlin
Page 578Hamlin, Hamm, Hammett, Hammond, Hammons, Hampson, Hampton, Hamstrom, Hanagan, Hancock, Hand, Handerson, Handley, Handlin
Page 579Handlon, Handy, Haney, Hankard, Hanley, Hanlon, Hanna, Hannaford
Page 580Hannaford, Hannah, Hannaman, Hannan, Hannegan, Hanrahan, Hanscom
Page 581Hanscome, Hansen, Hanson
Page 582Hanson
Page 583Hanson, Hapgood, Haradan, Haradon, Hard, Harbor, Harbutt, Harcourt, Harden, Hardie, Harding, Hardy
Page 584Harford, Hargadon, Harger, Hargrave, Hargraves, Harkins, Harlow, Harmon
Page 585Harmon
Page 586Harmon, Harnden, Harnish, Harnois, Harper, Harrigan, Harriman, Harrington
Page 587Harrington, Harris
Page 588Harris, Harrison
Page 589Harrison, Harron, Harry, Hart, Hartford, Harthorne, Hartigan, Hartley, Hartnett, Hartshorn, Harty, Harvey
Page 590Harvey, Harvie, Harwood, Hascall, Haseltine, Hasey, Haskell
Page 591Haskell, Haskett, Haskins, Hassell, Hassett, Hasson, Hasten, Hastings, Hasty
Page 592Hasty, Hatch
Page 593Hatch, Hathaway, Hathorn, Hatt, Hatton, Hatzkelson, Haugard, Hauxwell, Havener, Havens, Haverstick, Haverty, Haviland, Hawbolt, Hawes, Hawgart, Hawker, Hawkes
Page 594Hawkes, Hawkins, Hawthorn, Hawthorne, Hay
Page 595Hay, Hayard, Hayden
Page 596Hayes, Hayford, Haynes, Hayward, Haywood, Hazard, Hazeltine
Page 597Hazelton, Hazen, Hazzard, Heal, Heald, Healey, Healy, Heam, Heaney, Heanue, Heaphy, Heaps, Hearley, Hearn, Heath
Page 598Heath, Heatley, Heaton, Hebb, Hebblethwaite, Hebert, Hecht, Hecker, Hedden, Hedman, Heffern, Hefler, Heiber, Heighe, Heilbrun, Heim, Heinson, Heiseenbuttle, Heiskell, Helfont, Hellerman, Hellier
Page 599Hellin, Hellman, Helms, Helson, Hemenway, Henderson, Hendrey, Hendrick, Hendrickson, Henerys, Henley
Page 600Henley, Hennessey, Hennigar, Henningsen, Henrickson, Henry, Herbert, Herchowitz, Herlihy, Herman
Page 601Herman, Hern, Hernan, Herrick, Herriman, Herrin, Herring, Herriman, Herrin, Herring, Herrman, Hersey
Page 602Hersey, Hersom, Hertz, Herwood, Herzog, Heseltine, Heskett, Hession, Heung, Heuston, Hewes, Hewett, Hewey
Page 603Hewey, Hewitt, Heywood, Hibbard, Hibbs, Hibner, Hichborn, Hichin, Hickey, Hicks, Hieber, Higgins
Page 604Higgins, Hight, Hilan, Hilborn, Hildreth, Hiles
Page 605Hiles, Hill
Page 606Hill, Hiller, Hilliard, Hillman, Hillock, Hills, Hilson, Hilt, Hilton, Hiltes, Himmelein, Hinch, Hinckley
Page 607Hinckley, Hincks, Hinds
Page 608Hinds, Hines, Hinkley, Hinkly, Hinse, Hinton, Hinz, Hirsch, Hirschewitz, Hirshon, Hisock, Hitchings, Hixon, Hjelm, Hjort, Hoadley, Hoag, Hoage, Hoagland, Hoar
Page 609Hoar, Hobart, Hobbs, Hobson, Hodgdon
Page 610Hodgdon, Hodges, Hodgkin, Hodgkins, Hodgman, Hodgson, Hodsdon
Page 611Hodsdon, Hoegg, Hoehn, Hofacker, Hoffman, Hoffses, Hogan, Hoggan, Hogland, Hohenfeld, Holbeck, Holbrook
Page 612Holcombe, Holden, Holder, Holding, Hodorf, Holdsworth, Holland, Holley
Page 613Hollis, Hollivan, Hollop. Holloran, Holloway, Hollowell, Hollywood, Holm, Holman
Page 614Holman, Holmberg, Holmes, Holston, Holt, Holway
Page 615Holyoke, Homan, Homer, Homestead, Homsted, Honan, Hone, Hood, Hooker, Hooper
Page 616Hooper, Hoover, Hope, Hopkins, Hopkinson, Horan, Hore, Horeyseek, Horn, Horndrup, Horne
Page 617Horne, Horner, Hornish, Horowich, Horr, Horrie, Horrigan, Horslin, Horton
Page 618Horton, Hosfall, Hosmer, Hotham, Hough, Houghton, Houle, Houlihan, Housler, Houston, Hovey, How, Howard
Page 619Howard, Howards, Howarth, Howatt, Howe
Page 620Howe, Howell, Howes, Howison, Howland, Howley, Hoxie, Hoyle, Hoyt
Page 621Hoyt, Huard, Hubbard, Huberman, Hubbs, Huden, Hudner, Hudson, Huelin, Hueston, Huett, Huff
Page 622Huff, Huggard, Hughes, Hughey, Hulasza, Hulbert, Hulit, Hume, Hummel
Page 623Hummer, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hung, Hunkins, Hunnewell, Hunt
Page 624Hunt, Hunter, Huntington, Huntley, Huntoon, Huntress, Huot, Hupper
Page 625Hurbertt, Hurd, Hurlburt, Hurley, Hurrell, Husdon, Huse, Huskins, Hussey, Huston
Page 626Huston, Hutchings, Hutchins
Page 627Hutchinson, Hutt, Hybers, Hybert
Page 628Hybert, Hyde, Hyland, Hyler, Hyman, Hyndas, Hynes, Hyson

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