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Miami and Commerce, Oklahoma 1917 - 18 City Directory

We have scanned the original directory of Miami and Commerce, Oklahoma for 1917-18 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the page number which corresponds with your surname of interest and this should take you to the appropriate page. These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. The average page is about 60-80K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.


Click on Page Number to View Record

Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 2Population
Page 3Ackley, Adams, Addington, Aetna, Albertson, Albro, Alger, Allegre, Allen, Alumbaugh, American, Ames, Anderson, Andrews, Anglin, Archer, Armfield, Armstrong
Page 4Arnhart, Arnutt, Arthur, Arundale, Asher, Askin, Atkinson, Austin, Autornitte, Axley, Ayres, Ayers, Babcock, Bachmann, Baker, Baldridge, Bales, Baley, Ballard, Banks, Barbee, Bardmass, Barlow, Barnard
Page 5Barnard, Barndollar, Barnes, Barnett, Barry, Bartlett, Baulch, Baulth, Baumgardener, Baum, Beach, Beard, Beauchamp, Beck, Becker, Beckett, Bedell, Beggs, Beigley, Benbrook, Benders, Bennett, Bennigar
Page 6Berkshire, Berry, Bertholf, Bessey, Betts, Bewley, Bidwell, Biggerstaff, Biggs, Bigham, Billingsly, Billingsley, Biven, Blackwell, Blaine, Blair, Blankenship, Blanton, Blaycock, Bledsoe, Bogart, Bogle, Bomford, Boroker, Boss, Botts
Page 7Botts, Bowden, Bowen, Bowers, Bowlby, Bowles, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Brackman, Brady, Bradey, Bradford, Bradley, Brady, Brannan, Branson, Bratton, Breeden, Bressie, Brewer, Brewster, Briggs, Brinegar, Britton, Brockman, Brodie, Brown
Page 8Brown, Browning, Bruton, Bryan, Bryant, Buchman, Buck, Budgett, Buffalo, Buick, Bullock, Burke, Burkey, Burnett, Burns, Burr, Burris, Bush, Butcher
Page 9Butler, Button, Buxton, Byrd, Calhoun, Calmes, Camden, Cammon, Campbell, Candy, Cannon, Cantrell, Cardin, Carman, Carr, Carson, Carter, Cartwright, Catlett, Chambers, Champlain, Chapman, Chaney, Chapman, Chase
Page 10Cheyne, Chouteau, Church, City, Clanton, Clark, Clouser, Coffee, Cole, Coleman, Collet, Collier, Collins, Collonna
Page 11Combs, Conard, Conett, Confer, Conner, Cook, Cooley, Coons, Cooper, Cooter, Corev, Cornelius, Correll, Cowen, Cowan, Cox, Coy, Coyne
Page 12Crabtree, Craig, Crank, Crawford, Crayton, Croddy, Crouch, Cully, Cummings, Cunningham, Currey, Dagnett, Dameron, Daniels, Dardenne, Darr, Daugherty, Davey, Davis
Page 13Davis, Dawidoff, Deason, DeChenne, Dehanas, DeJarnett, DeLozier, Deneen, Denton, DeTar, DeWees, Dial, Dickason, Dixon, Doan, Dobson, Dockery, Dodd, Dodson, Doerr
Page 14Dooley, Doop, Doss, Doty, Douglas, Dowen, Dresia, Driggs, Duffee, Dukes, Dunaway, Duncan, Duniphin, Dunkin, Dunlay, Dunn, Durant, Durham, Dutton
Page 15Dutton, Dykes, Eagle, Earley, Eberline, Ebersole, Eddy, Edwards, Eiffert, Einsel, Ellington, Elliott, Ellis, Emma, England
Page 16English, Enochs, Epps, Erwin, Estes, Eulitt, Evans, Everelsole, Evilsizer, Evington, Ewing, Ewps, Fain, Falkenbury, Fancher, Farneman, Farrow, Fate, Faulkenberry, Ferling
Page 17Fillebrown, Findlay, Finke, Finley, Fisher, Fitch, Fite, Fitzgerald, Fitzner, Floyd, Fly, Ford, Foreman, Forrester, Fossard, Foster, Foust, Fox, Franklin
Page 18Freeman, Frisco, Froman, Fry, Fullerton, Fulton, Furnish, Gabriel, Gallemore, Galloway, Gamble, Gardner, Garman, Garrard, Garred, Garretson, Garriott, Garrison, Garting, Gates, Geary, Geissing, Gentes, Geren, German, Gibbs, Gibson
Page 19Gibson, Giffin, Gilchrist, Giles, Gillespie, Gilstrap, Ginter, Givens, Given, Glass, Glyn, Gobin, Goldstein, Good, Goodheart, Gordon, Goshen, Goss, Gosset, Gostnell, Gouge, Gould, Gowen, Graham, Grant, Gray, Green
Page 20Green, Griffis, Grigsby, Grissom, Grooms, Grubb, Gruendler, Gunnels, Guthrie, Hackett, Hadley, Hale, Hall, Halpin, Ham, Hamby, Hamilton, Hammond, Hancock, Hand, Hankins
Page 21Hankins, Hanner, Hardy, Harford, Harlan, Harlin, Harned, Harness, Harnor, Haron, Harper, Harr, Harrah, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Harney, Hass, Hatchet, Havens, Hayden
Page 22Hayden, Hays, Head, Heath, Heckenlively, Heembrock, Heliman, Helm, Helton, Hendrickson, Henderson, Herd, Hess, Hester, Heyligers, Hickman, Hicks, Higginbotham, Hightower, Hildreth, Hill, Hinds, Hines, Hoagland, Hodge, Hoffman, Holdeman, Holley
Page 23Hollister, Holloway, Holsted, Holt, Holton, Hopkins, Hopson, Hopton, Horn, Houk, Houston, Howard, Howell, Howren, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hudnall, Hudsell, Hudson, Huff, Humphrey
Page 24Hutchison, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, Hutt, Hyatt, Ice, Irvin, Isbell, Isenhour, Isley, Jackson, Jacobs
Page 25James, Jenkins, Jennison, Jobson, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Judd, Kan, Karleskint, Karnes
Page 26Karnes, Karr, Kaufman, Keeney, Keffel, Keith, Kelch, Keller, Kellers, Kelley, Kelly, Kemper, Kendall, Kennedy, Kenoyer, Kenworthy, Keppal, Kern, Keys, Kieff, Killingsworth, Kimball, Kimberling, King, Kipner, Kipps, Kirkland, Kitchen, Kittredge, Knight
Page 27Kraper, Kreeger, Kress, Kreyer, Krucker, Kuder, Kuls, Labadie, Lacy, Lady, LaFalier, Lafoon, Lair, Laird, Lamb, Lambert, Lamont, Lampkin, Landers, Lane, Lang, Lansdowne, Larimore, Larson, Laue, Lawless
Page 28Layton, Lee, Lent, Leonard, Lessley, Lightfoot, Lineback, Linton, Lish, Littrell, Little, Loafman, Logan, Logue, Lohman, London, Long, Lopp, Lord, Love, Lubelsky, Luckey, Ludiker
Page 29McBee, McBrian, McBride, McCain, McCammon, McCauley, McClelland, McClure, McConnell, McCorkle, McCoy, McCulloch, McCullough, McCurdy, McDonald, McGhee, McGinnis
Page 30McGinty, McGrew, McGuffin, McGuire, McHargue, McKelvey, McKinzie, McKinney, McKinnon, McKinzie, McLain, McLaughlin, McLelland, McLeod, McManeman, McMendes, McMinn, McNaughton, McNurnely, McWaters, McWilliams, Mabon, Macy, Maddox
Page 31Maeder, Malocsay, Malone, Mann, Manwaring, Markel, Markley, Marks, Marlow, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Marx, Mason, Mathes, Matthews
Page 32Maxley, Maxwell, Maynard, Mennick, Meredith, Mericle, Merriss, Milam, Miller
Page 33Miller, Milligan, Millner, Mills, Minor, Mitchell, Mixon, Montgoery, Monroe, Montgomery, Moore, Morris, Morton, Motley, Mott, Mounce, Mozingo, Murdock, Murphy, Murray
Page 34Murray, Musgrave, Myers, Nabers, Nagle, Nail, Neal, Neely, Neff, Neice, Nelson, Nesbitt, Newkirk, Newman, Newton
Page 35Nicely, Nichols, Nicholson, Nickles, Noel, Noland, Noll, Nolte, North, Nutt, Odgen, Ogden, Oldham, Olds, Oliver, Orcutt, Osborn, Ott
Page 36Outt, Overlay, Overton, Owen, Page, Painter, Palmer, Pappin, Pappas, Parker, Parsons, Paschall, Patton, Patty, Paul, Payne, Payton, Peam, Peay
Page 37Peay, Peck, Peery, Pence, Peppers, Pepple, Perkins, Perry, Phelps, Pherigo, Phillips, Pickler, Ping, Pitcher, Plummer
Page 38Poe, Poole, Poplin, Porer, Porter, Post, Potter, Poteet, Pottorff, Pound, Pounds, Prescott, Preston, Prettyman, Price, Prim, Prosser, Protrowski, Provine, Pruitt, Pulford, Pveatt, Pvle, Pyle, Pysher
Page 39Quick, Quigley, Rabe, Raddis, Rader, Ralston, Ramsey, Rawlings, Ray, Rector, Redeagle, Redhoge, Redman, Reed, Reeves, Regnier, Rellinlg, Relling, Renfro
Page 40Renfro, Rentz, Reynolds, Rhoades, Rice, Richey, Rick, Riddle, Ridenour, Riggs, Ritchey, Ritter, Roach, Robards, Roberts, Robinson
Page 41Robinson, Rockhold, Rockwell, Rodecape, Rogers, Rohrbough, Roller, Roscoe, Ross, Rowley, Royal, Rubenstahl, Rufrid. Ryan, Sackett, Saft, Sample, Sanders, Sapp, Sawyer, Scherer, Schmalhorst, Schmidt
Page 42Schmucker, Schwartz, Scott, Seat, Seay, Sellars, Sells, Setzler, Seymour, Shannon, Shaw, Shears, Shelby, Sheldon, Shellhammer, Shelton, Shipley, Shirley, Shoe, Showalter, Shreves, Shriver, Shumate, Sifford, Sillaway, Simon, Simpson
Page 43Simpson, Sims, Singer, Slavin, Smalley, Smith, Smithley, Smythe, Spafford, Sparks, Sparlin, Speer, Speers
Page 44Spencer, Spicer, Stafford, Stallsmith, Standefer, Staton, Stein, Steinberg, Stephens, Stevens, Stewart, Stilson, Stines, Stout, Stokely, Street, Streeter, Stubblefield
Page 45Stubblefield, Stumbo, Sullivan, Summers, Supernaw, Swarts, Swartz, Swayze, Swazey, Sweem, Sweet. Swindle, Talbot, Tappen, Taulman, Taylor
Page 46Taylor, Tennant, Tharp, Thatcher, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thornhill, Thurman, Thurston, Tidwell, Tinsley, Tipton, Todd, Tomlinson, Torbert, Towne, Tranernich, Trapp, Travis
Page 47Trigg, Triplett, Trowbridge, Trudgeon, Truesdell, Trussler, Tucker, Turner, Tuthill, Tuttle, Umphenoer, Uto, Vanatta, Vincent, Vine, Vohringer, Von Cannon
Page 48Waddle, Wade, Waeckerle, Wagner, Wagoner, Wakers, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Walters, Walton, Ward, Wardlow, Warner, Warren, Waterman, Watson, Watters, Watts, Wavbright, Webb, Weeks
Page 49Weir, Weiss, Welch, Welker, Wells, Wemhaner, West, Whipple, Whitaker, Whitecrow, White, Wiandt, Widick, Wilback, Wilder, Wiles, Wilken, Willhours, Williams
Page 50Williams, Willim, Willis, Wills, Wilmer, Wilson, Wind, Windbigler, Wise, Womeldorff, Woolsey, Worley, Wormington, Worthen, Wright
Page 51Wright, Wyatt, Wyer, Yawman, Yockey, Young, Younger, Zeigler, Zikes, Zilar, Zalar, Zimmerman
Page 52ads
Page 53Miami Business Directory A - B
Page 54Miami Business Directory B - E
Page 55Miami Business Directory E - I
Page 56Miami Business Directory I
Page 57Miami Business Directory I - M
Page 58Miami Business Directory M - R
Page 59Miami Business Directory R - W
Page 60Adams, Alleger, Alley, Allison, Alworth
Page 61Ankrum, Archer, Armstrong, Arnold, Babb, Babbitt, Bachman, Bagby, Baggy, Baker, Bakking, Barker, Barnes, Barnett, Barron, Bartlett, Batler, Baum, Bayless, Beane, Beard, Beardin, Beck, Beeman, Bell, Bellington, Bellairs, Benham, Bennett
Page 62Bergen, Berger, Berlin, Beshear, Bilderback, Blackburn, Blackmer, Blakemore, Blamkenship, Blanton, Blinzlar, Blizzard, Blazer, Blunt, Blythe, Bonds, Bonner, Boswell, Bottoms, Bower, Bowers, Bowsman, Boyd, Brainard, Branhall, Brasey, Brasher, Bridges, Britton, Brown, Browning, Bully, Bumgarner, Bunch, Burchett
Page 63Butcher, Butler, Butterly, Caldwell, Calvert, Campbell, Cannon, Cantrell, Cardin, Carey, Carr, Carter, Caruthers, Caylor, Chamberlain, Chaney, Chase, Childers, Clark
Page 64Clark, Clements, Cline, Clinkenbard, Clubb, Cobb, Coday, Coldwell, Cole, Collard, Colley, Collins, Combs, Compton, Conley, Conner, Cook
Page 65Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Cowen, Cox, Craddick, Crawford, Creamer, Cunningham, Daley, Dalson, Dalton, Danford, Daniels, David, Davidson, Davis, Davisson, Dehanas, Dennis, Denton, Denuff, Depee, Devine
Page 66Dodson, Doerr, Dollar, Doty, Douthat, Downing, Downs, Drake, Duffee, Duncan, Dunham, Dyer, Ealy, Edney, Eidson, Elliott, Ellis, Ervin, Evans, Fagan, Farris
Page 67Farris, Ferguson, Fesrennan, Fisher, Fite, Fogerson, Forcum, Foust, Fox, Fraley, Franklin, Frederick, Freeman, Fribley, Frisbie, Fulcher, Fuller, Gailey, Gamble, Garner, Garrison, Garsh, Geck, Gentry
Page 68Gentry, Gibbons, Gibson, Gillinand, Gilmore, Girton, Gisinger, Givens, Glispie, Goches, Goldberg, Good, Goodboo, Gordon, Gould, Graff, Graham, Grandee, Gray, Green, Greenberg, Greever, Griffin, Griffis, Grimes, Groff, Guinn, Gustin
Page 69Hadley, Hagel, Hale, Haley, Hall, Hammers, Hampleman, Hampton, Hanks, Hard, Harding, Hargrove, Harmon, Harris, Hartman, Haslip, Hass, Hasson, Havens, Hawk, Hawkins, Headley, Hearn, Heathso, Heavin, Hedworth, Heenbrock, Helms, Heltenbrand
Page 70Henry, Hensley, Herbert, Hickman, Hicks, Hill, Hilton, Hinds, Hockett, Hoke, Holden, Holcomb, Holderman, Holding, Holloway, Hooper, Hoover, Hopkins, Horner, Horton, Howerton, Hubbard, Huber, Hudson, Hughes, Humphreys, Hut
Page 71Hunter, Huntley, Hurst, Hutchinson, Irwin, Itson, Jackson, Jacobs, Jannis, Jeffery, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kappel, Kaser, Keadle, Keener, Keeton, Kelly, Kelsey
Page 72Kelsey, Kendrick, Kennett, Kester, Keuterman, Kiefer, Kimbrough, Kimes, King, Kinsey, Kirky, Kitchen, Kitto, Koop, Krucker, Kruger, Kueterman, Kugler, Lafalier, Lair, Lane, Lankard, Lawhon, Leach, Leddy, Lee, Lemon, Lewis
Page 73Lewis, Lillard, Lindsey, Livingston, Long, Lotz, Ludlow, Lynch, McBrien. McCammon, McCarthy, McCleery, McComb, McCormick, McCracken, McCumber, McGhee, McKay, McKoy, Mackey, Madden, Malone, Marble, Marrion, Martin, Matkin
Page 74Mayerhoff, Maynard, Mead, Medlin, Meeker, Mercer, Merifield, Merker, Metcalf, Miller, Milhollen, Minish, Mitchell, Mitchelson, Mixon, Moberly, Moll, Montgomery, Moon, Mooney, Moore, Morehead, Morgan
Page 75Morrus, Morton, Mosley, Moss, Murphy, Nainline, Nance, Neil, Nelson, Neman, Newton, Nichols, Niday, Nulick, Nye, Odell, Oles, Ortner
Page 76Osborn, Owens, Palmisano, Parker, Parkhurst, Parks, Patterson, Perkins, Phebus, Phelps, Phillips, Pickett, Pittman, Poff, Polk, Potter, Pottorff, Powell, Pratt, Purcell, Quinn
Page 77Quinton, Quirk, Radford, Ralph, Ramble, Rardin, Red, Reed, Reese, Reitz, Reynolds, Rial, Riddle, Rider, Riggs, Riley, Roach, Roberts, Rotter, Rodda, Rogers, Roten, Rothschild, Rowe, Rowler
Page 78Rupe, Rush, Rutter, Ryan, Saffell, Salsman, Sanders, Sater, Sawyer, Schemleffer, Schifferdecker, Schnur, Scott, Seal, Self, Sellars, Seargeant, Sex, Shafer, Shamblin, Sharp, Shaylour, Shepherd, Shinn, Shulz, Simmons, Simons, Simpson
Page 79Sims, Skiles, Slade, Slanker, Slate, Smith, Swinford, Smith, Snelling, Sohosky, Sommers, Sparks, Spencer, Springer, Stahala, Stapp, Staley, Starling, Starr, Stecker, Stephens, Stephenson, Stepps, Stepp, Sterling, Stevens, Stewart
Page 80Stewart, Stockstill, Stolcup, Stone, Stoops, Stout, Strauss, Stuart, Stumbo, Styron, Sullivan, Sutton, Swinford, Taft, Talbot, Taulman, Teazell, Teeters, Tennison, Terhune, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Throop, Tiernan, Todd, Torbert
Page 81Trace, Trimble, Trogdon, Trotter, Turner, Umphrey, Van, Vanlandingham, Van Pelt, Vaughn, Vawter, Veach, Venia, Veteto, Von Cannon, Waddle, Wade, Walters, Walker, Walters, Wommack, Ward, Warden, Warner
Page 82Warren, Warthen, Wassom, Watson, Watters, Weaver, Webber, Welch, Wemhaner, West, Whitaker, White, Whittenburg, Wiggins, Wilbur, Wilkinson, Willcoxson, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Windbigler, Winters
Page 83Wolfenbarger, Woods, Woolard, Woolsey, Wright, Wyatt, Yelton, Young, Zenar, Commerce Classified Business Directory A - B
Page 84Commerce Business Directory B - C
Page 85Commerce Business Directory C - G
Page 86Commerce Business Directory H - J
Page 87Commerce Business Directory J - N
Page 88Commerce Business Directory N - R
Page 89Commerce Business Directory R - W
Page 90Century OK Business Directory
Page 91Picher OK Business Directory
Page 92Picher OK Business Directory
Page 93Quapaw OK Business Directory
Page 94Tar River OK Business Directory
Page 95Tar River OK Business Directory

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