310th Infantry, 78th Division, USA 1917 - 1919

We have acquired and scanned a copy of a publication entitled:

A History of the Three Hundred Tenth Infantry
Seventy-Eighth Division
1917 - 1919

The publication contains narratives describing training, various deployments including detailed accounts of battles, demobilization, unit and individual decorations, and saualty tables. The narratives are generally well written and contain official communications and photographs of areas of interest. We found the information contained herein to be a fascinating historical record and suggest that you view the whole publication if you are interested in the operations of this unit or have discovered that one of your ancestors served in it.

We have no additional information for the individuals listed and we are unable to correct errors and ommissions in the publication. This information is provided in order to help you locate information regarding your ancestors. We cannot vouch for and nor make any claims regarding the authenticity of information presented.

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Page NumberDescription / Surnames (where appropriate)
Page 1Handwritten note inside book stating "property of Pvt Joseph B. Knittel"
Page 2Portrait of Maj. Gen. James H. McRae and brief summary of the unit
Page 3Title Page
Page 4Foreword by Colonel W. C. Babcock
Page 5Foreword continued
Page 6Table of Contents
Page 7Photo: "The Colors"
Page 8Photo: Col. Walter C. Babcock, D. S. M.
Training Period
Page 15Narrative
Page 16Photos of The Regiment and The Camp
Page 17Narrative
Page 18Table describing the strength of the regiment
Page 19Orders detailing assignments: surnames noted - Martin, Warren, Jervey, Pond, Rockefeller, Judd, Douglass, Moore
Page 20Photos of Officers, The Supply Co., The L Co., Camp Dix
Page 21Narrative
Page 22Narrative
Page 23Roster of Officers upon arrival at Calais, France: Babcock, Pond, Judd, Vanderwerker, King, Mandeville, Douglas, Dyke, Morgan, Hylant, Kulka, Rockwood, Rockefeller, Piester, Kaliska, Case, Knight, Warren, Cory, Flynn, Douglas, Bacon, Lester, Haley, McRae, Robinson, Bretz, Green, Ambler, Leary, Bradley, O'Connor, Ward, Dunn, Harris, Andrews, Cox, McGuire, Busk, McCaffrey, Delavan, Thompson, Donnelly, Lister, Meads, Gosling, Dane, Hamilton, Brockway, Curtis
Page 24Roster of Officers upon arrival at Calais, France: Volz, Phulps, Garnache, Howe, Ryan, McMillan, McIntyre, Kershaw, Sommers, Dinan, Crouch, Ekman, Seiler, Rogers, Guthrie, Hoge, Ovington, Emmerton, Dahlquist, Vandeventer, Galt, McDermott, Doty, Douglass, Jones, Cramer, Lynch, O'Connor, Crozier, Goodrich, Beale, Hills, Willsey, Donoghue, Card, Kilner, Herrick, Garrett, Beuchat, Greene, Thompson, Mann, Donohue, Dalglish, Morey, Bowerman, Ray, Goldsmith, Locke, Korkus, Sargent, Sherman, Mandeville, Vates, Lotz, Cordes, Van Etten, Jarrell, Flynn, Sherwood
Page 25Narrative
Page 26Map showing "The Travels of the 310th
Page 27Narrative
Page 28Drawing of Regimental Headquarters at Seninghem
Page 29Narrative
Page 30Photos of 310th Machine Gun Co and Instructions under British NCOs
Page 31Narrative
Page 32Narrative
Page 33Narrative
The March to the Front Aug 24 to Sep 16, 1918
Page 37Narrative
Page 38Narrative
Page 39Field Orders
Page 40Narrative
Page 41Narrative
Page 42Field Orders
Page 43Narrative
Page 44Narrative
Page 45Narrative
Page 46Narrative
Page 47Map - The Advance Into St. Mihiel
Page 48Narrative
Page 49Narrative
Page 50Narrative
Page 51Narrative
Page 52Field Orders
Page 53Photo - German Shells Breaking Over Thiaucourt
Page 54Narrative
Page 55Photo - The Bridge Over The Rupt de Mad - Scene of Our First Casualty
Page 56Photo - The Ruined Church at Thiaucourt
Page 57Narrative
Page 58Narrative
Page 59Narrative and Photo - A Boche "Kodak" of Thiaucourt
Page 60Roster of Officers in the regiment at the taking over the front line sector near Thiaucourt, Sep 15, 1918: Babcock, Foster, Vanderwerker, Goodwill, Thompson, Dane, Leary, Thompson, Bentley, Emmerton, Beuchat, Donnelly, Dyke, Morgan, Hylant, Kilner, Rockwood, Rockefeller, Piester, Cannaday, Kaliska, Knight, Case, Warren, Cory, Flynn, Bacon, Lester, Beers, Judd, Robinson, Vates, Jarrell, Bacon, Willsey, Wilson, Beers, Bell, Bretz, Greene, O'Connor, Buettner, Busk, Kulka, Jones, McKenzie, Lister
Page 61Roster cont'd: Ward, Lowman, Scruggs, Smith, Meads, Hamilton, Brockway, Curtis, Volz, Douglass, Robertson, Rogers, Cramer, Dahlquist, Lynch, Garnache, Howe, Kershaw, McIntyre, Sommers, Crouch, Wylie, Seiler, Conklin, Ambler, Hoge, Locke, Marquardt, Irwin, Galt, Doty, Smith, Harris, O'Connor, Herrick, McMillan, Flynn, Sherwood, Sargent, Lester, King, Crozier, Hills, Goodrich, Beale, Donoghue, Haley, Donohue, Mann, Vermillion, Wallace, Card, Garrett, Collins, Phillips, Ray, Korkus, Goldsmith, Ekman, Sherman
Limey Sector / Raid on Mon Plaisir Ferme
Page 64Narrative
Page 65Map of Limey Sector
Page 66Narrative
Page 67General Orders
Page 68Narrative
Page 69Narrative
Page 70Narrative
Page 71Narrative
Page 72Photo of Chaplain James N. King, D.S.C.
Page 73Orders
Page 74Narrative
Page 75Narrative
Page 76Narrative
Page 77Narrative
Page 78Photo - The Main Street of Thiaucourt
Page 79Narrative
Page 80Field Orders
Page 81Narrative
Page 82Narrative
Page 83Orders
Page 84Narrative
Page 85Orders
Page 86Orders and Photo - When the Boche Held Thiaucourt
Page 87Narrative
Reports on the Operations of the Supply Co and Medical Detachment
Page 90Narrative
Page 91Narrative
Page 92Narrative
Page 93Narrative
Page 94Photo - The Burning of Thiaucourt
Citations and Awards of Military Decorations - St. Mihiel and the Limey Sector
Page 97General Orders
Page 98Distinguished Servise Cross - Chaplain James N. King, 2nd Lt Donald McIntyre
Page 992nd Lt Richard B. Rockwood, Sgt Robert Quiri
Page 100Sgt James B. Lawless, Pvt Francis A. Duffy
Page 101Pvt Chester Ray Huff
Page 102Citations Published in General Orders - 2nd Lt Richard B. Rockwood, Sgt Arthur C. Miller
Page 103Sgt Alan F. Arnold
Page 104Cpl George Amling
Page 105PFC Earl R. Siner, PFC Chester F. Straw
The March to Argonne / Thiaucourt to the Aire River
Page 109Narrative
Page 110Narrative
Page 111Narrative
Page 112Narrative
Page 113Narrative
Page 114Photo - St. Juvin and the Aire River
Page 115Narrative
Page 116Roster of Officers in the regiment at the taking over the front line sector at St. Juvin, Oct 16, 1918 - Babcock, Foster, Vanderwerker, Goodwill, Thompson, Dane, Leary, Thompson, Crouch, Bentley, Beuchat, Donoghue, Donnelly, Dyke, Morgan, Hylant, Piester, Knight, Case, Warren, Irwin, Flynn, Emmerton, Bacon, Lester, Beers, Judd, Robinson, Vates, Bacon, Rockefeller, Willsey, Beers, Bretz, O'Connor, Greene, Scruggs, Smith, Busk, Kulka, Jones, Meads, Hamilton, Brockway
Page 117Roster cont - Volz, Douglass, Robertson, Rogers, Cramer, Dahlquist, Lynch, Garnache, McIntyre, Kampf, Conklin, Blodgett, Ambler, Hoge, Locke, Marquardt, Galt, Doty, Phulps, Smith, Lynch, O'Connor, McMillan, Lester, Sargent, King, Jarrell, Crozier, Hills, Goodrich, Haley, Card, Garrett, Phillips, Snell, Donohue, Wallace, Ray, Korkus, Goldsmith, Freel
Page 118Photo - Pylone Cross-Roads
Page 119Narrative
The Meuse-Argonne Offensive - Oct 16 - 31, 1918
Page 123Narrative
Page 124Photo - "Our Signal Platoon Swam the Aire River ... "
Page 125Narrative
Page 126Photo - Regimental HQ at Marcq
Page 127Map - The Battle-Ground of the 310th
Page 128Photo - The Bois des Loges
Page 129Narrative
Page 130Photo - Funk-Holes in Hillside East of St. Juvin
Page 131Narrative
Page 132Photo - The Edge of the Bois des Loges
Page 133Narrative
Page 134Narrative
Page 135Narrative
Page 136Narrative
Page 137Photo - Capt. Raymond L. Thompson
Page 138Narrative
Page 139Narrative
Page 140Photo - Position Held by Our Third Battalion Along the St. Juvin-Grandpre Road
Page 141Orders
Page 142Photo - Town Square of Marcq
Page 143Narrative
Page 144Narrative
Page 145Narrative
Page 146Narrative
The Meuse-Argonne Offensive (Phase 2) - Nov 1 - 5, 1918
Page 149Narrative
Page 150Orders
Page 151Orders
Page 152Orders
Page 153Narrative
Page 154Narrative
Page 155Image of Leaflet distributed "over the Hun Lines"
Page 156Narrative
Page 157Map - The Chase after the Boche
Page 158Photo - The Crossroads at Authe
Page 159Narrative
Page 160Photo - Verrieres
Page 161Narrative
Page 162Narrative
Page 163Orders
Page 164Narrative
Page 165Narrative
Page 166Roster of Officers in the regiment upon relief from the front line near Verrieres, Nov 15, 1918 - Babcock, Foster, Vanderwerker, Dane, Thompson, Vates, Leary, Bentley, Brockway, Beuchat, Donoghue, Dyke, Morgan, Hylant, Crouch, Piester, Warren, Irwin, Emmerton, Bacon, Lester, Beers, Judd, Robinson, Bacon, Willsey, Rockefeller, Jarrell, Beers
Page 167Roster cont'd - Buettner, Lowman, Busk, Hamilton, Curtis, Douglass, Charlesworth, Rogers, Dahlquist, Lynch, Kershaw, Blodgett, Wood, McMillan, Alway, Norwood, Lester, King, Goldsmith, Mann, Korkus, Freel
Reports on the Operations of the Supply Co and Medical Detachment
Page 170Narrative
Page 171Narrative
Page 172Narrative
Page 173Narrative
Page 174Narrative
Citations and Awards of Military Decorations (Meuse-Argonne Offensive)
Page 177Memorandum
Page 178General Orders
Page 179General Orders
Page 180Distinguished Service Crosses: 2nd Lt Matthew E. Conklin, Sgt John H. Secor, PFC Anthony Buonomo
Page 181Sgt Lewis E. Whitehead, Cpl Julius A. Piazzani
Page 182PFC Esric C. Gumbs, Pvt Frank J. Semple
Page 183Distinguished Service Medal: Col. Walter C. Babcock
Page 184Officers and Enlisted Men Officially Cited For Gallantry In Action: Sgt Alan F. Arnold, Cpl George Conroy, 2Lt Ralph A. Freel, Sgt James J. Johnson, 1Lt Edwin F. Korkus, 2Lt Dudley G. Lester
Page 185Maj Wood L. Ray, 1Lt Harry J. Sargent, Sgt George E. Sessions, PFC Chester F. Straw, 1Sgt Eugene F. Hourihan, Cpl William F. Klatte
Page 186Officers and Enlisted Men Officially Cited and Recommended by the regimental Commander for Decoration: Cpt Charles W. Vates, 1Lt Kenneth F. Cramer
Page 1871Sgt Eugene F. Hourihan, Cpl George Conroy, Cpl Francis O. Nugent
Page 188Cpl Carl O'Neil
Page 189Citations Published in General Orders: Col Walter C. Babcock, Maj Wood L. Ray, Cap Raymond L. Thompson
Page 1901Lt Walter Jones, 1Lt Dudley G. Lester, 1Lt Harry J. Sargent
Page 1911Lt Edwin F. Korkus, 2Lt Ralph A. Freel
Page 1921Sgt Paul Zilik, Sgt James J. Johnson, Sgt George E. Sessions
Page 193Cpl William F. Klatte, 1Sgt Antonio G. Waldo, Mess Sgt Patrick H. Gilleran
Page 194Foreign Citations - Croix de Guerre: 2Lt Forrest A. Smith, 2Lt Matthew E. Conklin, Sgt Lewis E. Whitehead, PFC Esric C. Gumbs
Page 195Pvt Francis A. Duffy Croce Al Merito di Guerra: Cpl Julius A. Piazzani, PFC Anthony Buonomo
Page 196Order de la Couronne: 2Lt Richard B. Rockwood, 2Lt Ralph A. Freel
Communications Units
Page 197Narrative
Page 198Narrative
Page 199Narrative
The 21st Training Area and Demobilization, Nov 6 to Jun 5, 1919
Page 203Narrative
Page 204Narrative
Page 205Narrative
Page 206Map - The Peace Sector
Page 207Narrative
Page 208Narrative
Page 209Photos - Marching, Parading and the Division Boxing Team
Page 210Narrative
Page 211Narrative
Page 212Narrative
Page 213Photos
Page 214Orders
Page 215Narrative
Page 216Roster of Officers in the regiment upon arrival at Bordeaux: Babcock, Foster, Vanderwerker, Mandeville, Thompson, Dane, Emmerton, Dyke, Hylant, Crouch, Woodcock, West, Richmond, Flynn, Warren, Lester, Beers, Conklin, Dahlquist, Clark, Judd, Robinson, Jarrell, King, Charlesworth, Willsey, Bretz, Green, Gosline, Plank, Leary, Rockefeller, O'Connor, Craik, Skeels, Busk, Jamieson, Bullock, Morey, O'Keefe, Meads, Hamilton, Kelly, Brockway, Thomas
Page 217Roster cont'd: Lynch, Douglass, Cramer, Bowen, Wurtzel, Gallup, Higgins, Howe, McClellan, Kulka, Ovington, Turner, Hoff, Sommers, Dinan, Heenahan, Kampff, Sessions, Hoge, Howlett, Deroche, Galt, Jones, Rowe, Maguire, Smith, Bloch, Ward, Sherman, Vates, Travilla, MacMillan, Alway, Lynch, Callahan, Meharg, Lewis, Graham, Sargent, Phillips, Hitchcock, Thompson, Mann, Pillman, Korkus, Pierce, Parker
Page 218"The Flash"
Page 219Narrative
Page 220Photos
Page 221Final Orders
Casualty Lists