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Source: New York Times, June 1, 1918

Column 6


At St. Luke's Hospital, entered into eternal rest and peace, Adelaide Lyon, beloved wife of Howard Gardner Badgley. Services will be held at her late residence, Main Av., Douglaston, L.I., on Sunday afternoon, June 2, at 8:30 o'clock. Interment at convenience of family.


On Wednesday, May 29, 1918, at her residence, 429 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, Regine Blais, beloved mother of Leontine, Mrs. Anna Bishop, and Mrs. Jeanne Haas. Interment Sunday, private.


On May 30, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. John H. Scheffer, 107 Russell St., Brooklyn, Jacob D. Blume, in his 82d year. Funeral services at 107 Russell St., Sunday, 8 P.M. Burial Lutheran Cemetery, 10 A.M., Monday.


On May 30, Emma L. Cole, (nee Smith,) wife of the late Isaac D. Cole, Jr. Funeral services Saturday, June 1, at 12:30 P.M., at Mount Washington Presbyterian Church, Dyckman St. and Broadway. Interment Cedar Lawn Cemetery.


Norma L., at her home, Mount Vernon, NY, May 31. Funeral services at First M. E. Church Sunday, June 2, at 3 o'clock.


Entered into rest in her 56th year, my beloved wife and our mother, Margaretha Dorfmueller, (nee Hoffman.) Funeral services at her late residence, 500 West 141st St., on Sunday, at 8 P.M. Interment at Woodlawn Monday, at 1 P.M.


After a brief illness, Rosalie Annette Eicke, beloved mother of Mae M., on May 30. Funeral services at St. Bartholomew's Church, Pacific St., Brooklyn, on Sunday, at 2 P.M.


On May 31, 1918, at her residence, Cold Spring, New York, Margaret Farrell, in her 85th year. Funeral services will be held Sunday, June 2, 1918, at 2 P.M., at the Church of Our Lady of Loretto, Cold Spring.


On Thursday, May 30, Henry Heberton. Services from his late residence, 473 West 158th St., Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.


On May 31, aged 42 years, Arnold, beloved husband of Rose, and brother of Frederich, Sigmund, Hugo, and Ernestine Fox. Relative and friends are invited to attend the funeral from 406 West 43d St. on Sunday, June 2, at 10 A.M.


At Newark, N.J., on Thursday, May 30, 1918, Frederick Edwin, husband of Almira Hodge. Funeral services at his late residence, 590 Mt. Prospect Av., Newark, on Sunday, June 2, at 3 P.M. Relatives and friends are invited toattend. Interment at the convenience of the family.


After a lingering illness on May 30, William E. Hoffmann, beloved husband of Lizzie Hoffman and father of Carrie Ryan, in his 61st year. Relatives and friends are kindly invited to attend funeral services at his late residence, 957 Grant Av/, Bronx, Saturday evening, 8 o'clock. Interment Sunday morning, Evergreen Cemetery. Kindly omit flowers.


Gottfrid, May 29, 1918, in his 47th year. Funeral from his late residence, 301 West 41st, on Saturday, June 1, at 1:30 P.M.


At his home in Pittsburgh on May 27, Charles Lewis, the Scotch artist, in the 59th year of his age.


At Summit, N.J., May 30, 1918, William H., beloved husband of Mary Moran, aged 58 years. Services at his late residence, 35 St. Nicholas Terrace, Sunday morning, 11 o'clock.


At Scarsdale, NY, on Friday, May 31, Joseph C. Morrell, beloved husband of Ida Belknap. Funeral services, 2:30 P.M. Monday, June 3, at his late residence on Old White Plains Road.


The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New York announces with regret the death on May 28, 1918, of Aristine Pixley Munn, (Mrs. Edwin G. Munn,) by right of descent from Governor William Bradford.


On May 30, Ralph H. Murden, in his 35th year, beloved husband of Peggy M. Murden. Funeral private.


On May 31, Moses L., in his 58th year. Funeral services at J. Millhauser's Sons Parlors, 1,460 Lexington Av., on Sunday, June 2, at 10 A.M.


Suddenly, at his home, 1,048 Pacific St., Brooklyn, Albert S. Neale. Funeral services will be held at the Lefferts Place Chapel, 86 Lefferts Place, near Grand Av., Brooklyn, on Sunday, June 2, 1918, at 3 P.M.


On Friday, May 31, 1918, Grace Virginia, daughter of James F. and Sarah E. O'Brien of 826 Union St., Brooklyn. Notice of funeral hereafter.


Entered into rest on May 29, at his residence, 235 East 12th St., Adam Pregenzer, in his 66th year. Solemn requiem mass Saturday, June 1, at 10 A.M., at St. Ann's Church, East 12th St. Friends are invited to attend.


Christine. Services The Funeral Church, Broadway-66th St., (Frank Campbell's,) Monday, 12 noon.


After a brief illness, Belle Rosenson, beloved daughter of the late Abraham and Hannah Rosenson and sister of Mrs. H. B. Rosenson, I. Theodore, and Ira. Funeral Sunday at 2 P.M., from her late residence, 670 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. Kindly omit flowers. Syracuse papers please copy.


The United Military Order of America announce with deep regret the death of their valued member and incorporator, Reginald P. Sherman, at Rye, NY, on Thursday, May 23, 1918.


On Thursday, May 30, 1918, at 550 Riverside Drive, New York City, Henry de Mott Staats. Funeral from Reformed Church at Raritan, NJ, on Monday, June 3, at 2:30 P.M. Friends of the family invited to attend.


Mrs. Martha McCallum, only child, in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. McCallum, at Memphis, Tenn., on May 29.


On May 31, 1918, at her residence, 353 East 141st St., Margaret Sullivan, beloved wife of the late Matthew Sullivan. Solemn requiem mass Monday, June 9, at 10 A.M., at St. Jerome's Church, 188th St. and Alexander Av. Interment St. Raymond's Cemetery. Kindly omit flowers.

Ten Broeck

On May 30, 1918, at his residence, Elm Park Farm, Hillsdale, NY, Renselaer Ten Broeck. Funeral services will be held at his late residence on Saturday, June 1, at 1:30 P.M. Train leaves Grand Central Station at 8:50 A.M.


John, beloved husband of Margaret Frances and father of William, Samuel, John Henry, Edward, Harrison, Anna, and Elizabeth. Member of Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners, Court Knickerbocker, No. 41, Foresters of America, Washington Lodge, No. 4,027, I.O.O.F.M.U. Funeral Sunday, at 1:30 P.M., at his late residence, 474 75th St., Bayside, Brooklyn.


In London, England, Harriet Ruth Brisbane, daughter of the late William Brisbane and Julia Loundes and beloved wife of Colden Tracy. Charleston papers please copy.


on May 31, at 104 East 30th St., Cornelia Ridgely Wainwright, widow of William P. Wainwright, and daughter of the late John C. Tillotson. Funeral services will be held at her late residence, 104 Easy 86th St., on Monday, June 8, at 9 A.M.


May 30, 1918, Margaret daughter of the late William and Margaret Walsh, 615 5th Av. Funeral private. Kindly omit flowers.


On May 31, 1918, Lucy Cutler, widow of the late William Brainard Whitney. Services at her late residence, 3,604 Broadway, June 2, at 8 o'clock. Kindly omit flowers.


On Thursday, May 30, 1918, Alexander Wiley, in his 68th year. Funeral service will be held at his late home, 62 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, on Saturday, June 1, 1918, at 4:30 P.M.

Column 7

Brody - Richard, 49 Catherine St., May 29, aged 50

Chapman - Harriet, 135 Lexington Av., May 30. Funeral private/

Dorfman - Philip, 345 3d St., May 30.

Dougan - Caroline M., 152 West 14th St., May 29, aged 42.

Emerick - Catherine F., 428 St. Nicholas Av., May 30. Funeral services today.

Gaffney - James, 2,507 Marion Av., Bronx, May 30. Funeral tomorrow, 1:30 P.M.

Gikow - Mary, 1,105 3d Av., May 29.

Holop - Celia, 53 West 112th St., May 30, aged 42.

Huseman - Henry, 502 West 130th St., May 30, aged 59.

Jacobs - Clara, 95 1st Av., May 29, aged 41.

Keenan - Thomas, 413 East 22d St., May 29, aged 73.

Kelly - Joseph, 431 West 30th St., May 29. Funeral today, 9 A.M.

Kinsella - Margaret T., 875 6th Ab., May 30. Funeral today, 9 A.M.

Lee - Michael, 167 East 56th St., May 29.

Lenza - C?nts, 99 Baxter St., May 29, aged 55.

Lepp - Margaret, 389 East 136th St., May 29. Funeral today, at 8:45 A.M.

Lorenzo - Louisa, 230 Sullivan St., May 30, aged 16.

Lynn - Joseph, 379 8th Av., May 30. Funeral tomorrow, 9:45 A.M.

Madison - Gerard, 313 East 61st St., May 29.

Maffer - Stanley, 281 East 135th St., May 29.

Markey - John J., Jr., 784 Amsterdam Av., May 29, aged 6. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Mendelson - Rubin, 50 Ridge St., May 30, aged 70.

Nowack - Wolff, 84 East 107th St., May 30, aged 39.

O - ize=4>Terence, 303 East 70th St., May 29. Funeral today, 9:30 A.M.

Ottairano - Joseph, 407 East 24th St., May 29.

Pavescanda - George, 322 West 40th St., May 30.

Pellegrini - Generous, 308 Mott St., May 29

Pendergast - Joseph, 534 West 53d St., May 29.

Schmidt - Captain J. M., May 29, aged 91. Funeral 209 East 83d St., today, 2 P.M.

Simmons - Marguerite, 495 West 52d St., May 30, aged 14.

Tayler - Montell, 4176 West 52d St., May 30.

Thornton - Ellen, 310 East 46th St., May 29, aged 62.

Tobin - Annie, 226 1st Av., May 29. Funeral today, 9:30 A.M.

Wolff - ?illie, 525 West 175th St, May 30.

Zieger - Anna, 311 East 88th St., May 30.


Andresen - John H., 88 6th Av., May 30, aged 61.

Courtney - Ann, 96 Oakland St., May 29, aged 67. Funeral today, 9 A.M.

Crandall - Eben, 51 Halsey St., May 30, aged 87. Funeral private.

De Vinne - Mary D., 188 Hart St., May 30. Funeral tomorrow.

Dwyer - Anna R., 178 Kent Av., May 29. Funeral tommorrow.

Franey - Patrick H., 1,901 Pacific St., May 30. Funeral today.

Gaynor - John F., 583A Halsey St., May 30. Funeral June 3.

Horan - John, 415 Baltic St., May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 2 P.M.

McBride - Mary, 211 72d St., May 30, aged 53. Funeral tomorrow, 2 P.M.

McGee - Mary, 179 Russell St., May 30, aged 60. Funeral tomorrow, 2 P.M.

McGrath - Thomas, Holy Family Hospital, May 30. Funeral notice later.

Magaw - Van Brunt, 1,486 Ocean Av., May31, aged 74. Funeral tomorrow, 2:30 P.M.

Markert - Adam J., 53 South 3d St., May 30, Funeral today.

Moore - Georgiana J. S., 1,917 Benson Av., May 30, aged 73. Funeral tomorrow, 2:30 P.M.

Muller - Elizabeth, 335 Herkimer St., May 30.

Muth - Florence L., 509 East 23d St., May 30. Funeral private.

Nolan - Margaret S., 33 Tompkins Place, May 29.

Olsen - Edward, 68 Centre St., May 30, aged 80. Funeral tomorrow, 2 P.M.

Pratt - Mary A., 631 Grand Av., May 30, aged 83. Funeral Private.

Underweiser - Anna, 612 Ashford St., May 30.

Van Voorhis - William H., 365 Ocean Av., May 30. Funeral service today.

Weisner - George, 387 Cornelia St., May 29, aged 58. Funeral today.

Hoboken, Jersey City, and Newark.

Campion - Nellie, 15 Brunswick St., Jersey City, May 29, Funeral today, 8 A.M.

Foley - May F., 636 Grand St., Jersey City, May 29, aged 5. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Gilbert - Eugenia B., 107 Clifton Av., Newark, May 29.

McDonald - Rose, 187 Mercer St., Jersey City, May 30. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Mortimer - Loretta, 379 Montgomery St., Jersey City, May 30.

O'Brien - John, 561 Henderson St., Jersey City, May 31.

Ritchie - Annie M., 85A Boyd Av., Jersey City, May 29.

Schuck - Luzia, Newark, May 28. Funeral private.

Seekamp - William H., 714 Dodd St. West Hoboken, May 29. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Shainline - Margaret, 202 Princeton Av., Jersey City, May 29. Funeral today, 1 P.M.

Taylor - Henry C., 252 Clinton Av., Newark, May 28, aged 39.

Long Island

Bliss - Ernest G., East Moriches, May 30.

Bradley - Benjamin, Ridgewood, May 28, aged 60.

Breslau - John J., Woodhaven, May 28, aged 56.

Cornell - Emma L. P., Little Neck, May 28, aged 60.

Grieve - Mary, Flushing, May 28, aged 4.

Gumira - Leon, Laurel Hill, May 28, aged 28.

Kelwert - Dorothy A., Maspeth, May 28.

Kenworthy - Marie, Ridgewood, May 28, aged 31.

Krause - Elizabeth, Springfield, May 28, aged 59.

Lurrie - Harold, Ridgewood, May 28, aged 5.

McKenna - Francis, far Rockaway, may 28, aged 88.

McKenzie - William W., Ozone Park, May 28, aged 42.

Sedman - Mary E., Morris Park, May 28, aged 61.

Shannon - Elizabeth, 225 1st Av., Long Island City, May 30. Funeral today.

Column 8

Belgian Refugee Dies

Mme Robert, Knitting Instructor, Had Suffered Great Sorrow

Mme. Christine Robert, a Belgian refugee who has been serving as instructor in knitting at the headquarters of the Stage Women's War Relief Society, died yesterday in Lutheran Hospital. Sorrow for the fate of her country, her murdered husband, and lost home is said to have undermined her health. Her death, however, followed an operation. According to information supplied by her friends yesterday, Mme. Robert was the wife of a prominent Brussels manufacturer before the invasion of the Huns in 1914. Her home was taken over by the invading soldiery and her husband, resisting, was shot.

Sentenced to death herself, Mme Robert managed to escape. Going to Canada she became a nurse in awealthy family. Later, at Los Angeles, she met Mrs. William Farnum, wife of the actor. Mrs. Farnum obtained employment for Mme. Robert with the Stage Women's organization, and since last August, eight hours a day, the refugee had taught knitting to members of the theatrical profession.

The funeral will be held under the auspices of the Actor's Fund of America at the Campbell Funeral Church, Broadway and Sixty-sixth Street, on Monday morning at 11 o'clock.

John Ross Robertson

Toronto, May 31 - John Ross Robertson, proprietor of the Toronto Evening Telegram, died at his home here today of pneumonia. He was in his seventy-seventh year.

John Ross Robertson was a descendant of the Scottish clan of Struan Robertson. He was born in Toronto Dec 28, 1841. In 1861 he equipped a newspaper and job printing office and issued The Sporting Life and The Grumbler. Then he became a reporter, and later city editor of The Toronto Globe. In 1866 he was one of the founders of The Telegraph, which afterward ceased publication. He established The Telegram in 1876 after a sojourn in England. He was interested in many local charities in Toronto.

Obituary Notes

Orlando Thomas Chandler, a retired farmer, died yesterday at his home in Harrison, NY.

A. C. Arnold, a collector of curios, and a veteran of the civil war, is dead at his home in Stamford, Conn., in his eighty-second year.

Captain Daniel M. Vogt, surgeon in the 42d Infantry, died on Thursday night in Overlook Hospital, Summit, NJ. He was 30 years old.

James Anderson, a retired furrier, died at his home, 295 Clifton Place, Brooklyn, on Thursday, leaving a widow, two sons, and a daughter.

John S. Norton, head of the John S. Norton Company of Jersey City, dealers in metals, is dead at his home in South Orange, NJ. He was 68 years old.

Gerge Wiemer, a stationasy engineer and a member of the Stephenson Association, No. 44, N.A.S.E., died on Wednesday at his home, 387 Cornelia Street, Brooklyn, aged 58 years.

Henry Lowy, 48 years old, a retired Police Sergeant, died on Wednesday at his home, 2,31? Hughes Street, Brooklyn. Mr. Lowy, had been attached to the force for twenty-two hours.

Mrs. Cora M. Anderson, wife of Gordon W. Anderson, Superintendent of construction for the B. W. Johns-Manville Company, died in her fortieth year on Wednesday at her home, 225 Webster Avenue, Brooklyn.

Van Brunt Magaw, a retired farmer of the old town, of Flatlands and a member of one of the oldest Dutch families of that section, died yesterday at his home, 1,??? Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, in his seventy-fourth year.

Clifford J. Campbell, 43 years old, widely known as an athlete and for the last eighteen years physical director of the Campbell Civil Service School, owned by his father, died in the Long Island College Hospital on Thursday. His home was at 263 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn.

John H. Andresen, a tobacco importer and a member of the New York Produce Exchange for thirty-five years, died on Thursday at his home, 88 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn. Mr. Andresen was at one time in the grain business in Manhattan, and later became an importer of salt and fish. He was 61 years old.

Alexander Wiley, for many years with the merchandise brokerage house of J. L. Armaby and well known as a yachtsman died from heart disease on Thursday at his home, 62 Rutland Road, Flatbush. Mr. Wiley was in his sixty-eighth year, and belonged to the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club, the Riverside Yacht Club of Riverside, Conn., the Columbi Yacht Club, and the Hudson Yacht Club.

Eben Vaughn Crandall, President of the E. V. Crandall Paint and Putty Manufacturing Company of Brooklyn, died on Thursday at his residence, 51 Halsey Street, Brooklyn. Mr. Crandall was born in New Brunswick, Canada, 86 years ago. He served as a member of the Board of Education during Mayor Low's administration. Mr. Crandall was a charter member of the old Lincoln Clubm and of the old Brooklyn Union League Club.

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