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New York Times, Sunday, June 2, 1918, Page 21

Column 1

Obituary Notes

George C. Lyons, manager of Drake Brothers, stock brokers at 66 Broadway, died suddenly in Jersey City yesterday.

Mrs. Norma Louise Cooper, a teacher in Packard Business College for forty years, died on Friday night at her home in Mount Vernon.

The Rev. John Marmaroff, 53 years old, Post Secretary of the Y.M.C.A., at Ellis Island for nine years, died on Friday in Flushing Hospital.

James H. Thompson, a retired buyer for Macy's, died yesterday from pneumonia, at his home, 68 Lamartine Avenue, Yonkers, in his seventy-sixth year.

Mrs. Mary A. Pratt, widow of Frederick A. Pratt, a decorator in Brooklyn, died, in her eighty-third year, on Thursday, at her residence, 631 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn.

Mrs. Georgianna J. Moore, 73 years old, wife of Peter C. Moore, who is a clerk in the Municipal Court of Brooklyn, died at her home, 1,917 Benson Avenue, Bath Beach, on Thursday.

Thomas Joseph Gregeen, 71 years old, a retired cigar manufacturer of Brooklyn, died at his home, 2,761 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, on Wednesday. He was born on the Isle of Man.

William Henry Van Voorhis, a member of the insurance firm of Van Voorhis & Gaubert, in Brooklyn, died on Thursday at his home, 365 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, from heart disease.

Primo M. Suarez, for more than fifty year manager of hotels in Havana, Cuba, and Saratoga Springs, NY, died on Tuesday at his home, 660 West 180th Street, in his seventy-ninth year.

Frank R. Mitchell, at one time associated with A. T. Stewart firm and later with Gowing, Sawyer & Blake, died at his home in Southold, L.I., on Wednesday, in his seventy-fifth year.

Corporal Julius Franklin Seelye, a brother of the Rev. Laurens H. Seelye, pastor of the Congregational Church at Chatham, NJ, died on Sunday at Camp Stuart, Va. He was 19 years old.

Joseph P. Carey, an actor who had appeared in productions in this city and with stock companies in many parts of the country for the last twenty years, died yesterday at his home, 228 St. Nicholas Avenue. He was 47 years old.

John F. Gaynor, retired tea merchant, and at one time active in Democratic politics in Brooklyn, died in St. Mary's Hospital on Thursday after an operation. Mr. Gaynor lived at 588A Halsey Street, Brooklyn. He was 60 years old.

Miss Belle Rosenson, one of the organizers of the First Hebrew Day Nursery, in Brooklyn, of which she was the Financial and Recording Secretary, is dead at her home, 60 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. She was born in Syracuse, NY.

Mrs. Beulah L. Filehne, wife of Charles Filehne and long prominent in fraternal work in Brooklyn, died on Thursday at her residence, 77 Woodbine Street, Brooklyn, aged 48 years. She was a Past Matron of St. Cecile Matinee Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star.

Mrs. Mary A. McNamara, widow of Dr. Laurence J. McNamara, who was attached to the staff of St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan, died on Friday at her home, 566 Seventh Street, South Brooklyn. Lieutenant Laurence J. McNamara of the United States Aviation Service, Waco Texas, is her son.

Stacy Benjamin Waters, widely known as a breeder of pedigree Irish setter dogs, died on Friday at his home, 351 Hawthorne Street, Brooklyn. ?r. Waters had been a resident of Brooklyn for thirty-six years and had been an Inspector in the Tenement House Department since it was organized in 1902.

Mrs. Mary Denton De Vinne, widow of Ambrose De Vinne, died from heart disease on Thursday at her home, 188 Hart Street, Brooklyn, aged 84 years. She left a son, Frank De Vinne, who is wiht The New York World mechanical force, and a daughter, Miss Augusta C. De Vinne, a teacher in the public schools of Queens Borough.

Richard P. Dean, for forty years superintendent for the Knickerbocker Ice Company in Brooklyn, died at the home of his son in Westwood, NJ, on Friday, in his ninety-first year. Mr. Dean served in the civil war with the Thirteenth Regiment of Brooklyn and was a member of Charter Oak Lodge No. 249, F. and A. M., and De Witt Commandery No. 14, Knights Templar. He was a former resident if Brooklyn and retired from business at the age of 82 years.

New York Times, Sunday, June 2, 1918, Page 21

Column 2

Henry D. Babcock Dead

Retired Stock Broker Was Treasurer of St. Luke's Hospital

Henry Denison Babcock, who was a member of the Stock Exchange frim of Hollister & Babcock, which retired from business several years ago, died last night at his home, 20 East Fifty-second Street, in his seventy-first year. Mr. Babcock, who was interested in many charities, was Treasurer of St. Luke's Hospital and a member of the Board of Managers of the Scoiety of the Sons of the American Revolution.

He was born in this city, a son of the late Samuel D. Babcock, and was graduated from Columbia College with the class of 1868, and later became a broker. Mr. Babcock was a member of the Union, Metropolitan, University, Riding, and Automobile Clubs and was Secretary of the City Midday Club. He was a Vestryman in St. Thomas's Church, and a member of the Society of Foreign Wars. He was a Director of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Mr. Babcock is survived by his wife and two sons, Woodward Babcock and Lieutenant Richard Franklin Babcock, U.S.R., and a daughter, Mrs. Henry Rogers Winthrop.

Mrs. N. L. Brown Left $1,063,914

The estate of Mrs. Nancy L. Brown, who died June 28, 1916, was appraised yesterday at $1,063,914, of which $1,028,591 is in stocks and bonds, consisting of chiefly of Standard Oil shares. She divided the estate equally between her son, Dickson Q. Brown, and her daughters, Louise, B. Voorhees, Florence King Brwn, and Margery B. Eagle.


Allin - On June 1, 1918, Ann E. P. Bogert, widwo of the late Charles M. Allin, MD. Funeral from her late residence, 139 Manhattan Av., Monday, June 3, at 2 P.M. Interment at Woodlawn.

Babcock - On Saturday, June 1, at his residence, 20 East 52d St., Henry Denison, son of the late Samuel D. and Elizabeth C. Babcock, in the 71st year of his age. Notice of Funeral hereafter.

Badger - May 31, Etta Pack, in her 79th year, beloved wife of C. H. Badger, Nutley, NJ. Funeral private.

Blume - On May 30, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. John H. Scheffer, 107 Russell St., Brooklyn, Jacob D. Blume, in his 82d year. Funeral services at 107 Russell St., Sunday, 8 P.M. Burial Lutheran Cemetery, 10 A.M., Monday.

Carey - Joseph P. Services The Funeral Church, Broadway, 66th St., (Frank Campbell's,) Tuesday, 10 A.M.

Cooper - At Orange, NJ, June 1, 1918, Emma, wife of the late William Cooper. Funeral services will be held at her residence, 53 Highland Av., on Tuesday afternoon, June 4, at 3 o'clock.

Crissy - In Saddle River, NJ, formerly at Hoboken and Arlington, NJ, June 1, 1918, Samuel F. Crissy, aged 80 years, beloved husband of Anna Holden. Funeral services will be held from the residence of his son-in-law, George M. Eckert, Saddle River, NJ, on Monday, June 3, at 3 P.M.

Dorfmueller - Entered into rest in her 55th year, my beloved wife and our mother Margaretha Dorfmueller, (nee Hoffman.) Funeral services at her late residence, 500 West 141st St., on Sunday, at 8 P.M. Relatives and friends are invited. Interment at Woodlawn Monday, at 1 P.M.

Eicke - After a brief illness, Rosalie Annette Eicke, beloved mother of Mae M., on May 30. Funeral services at St. Bartholomew's Church, Pacific St., Brooklyn, on Sunday at 2 P.M.

Fairchild - On Saturday, June 1, 1918, Anthony Fairchild, dearly beloved father of William V. Fairchild and grandfatherof Dr. Beatrice C. Fairchild, in his 87th year. Funeral services at his late residence, 394 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, on Monday evening, at 7:45 P.M. Cohoes papers please copy.

Farrell - On May 31, 1918, at her residence, Cold Spring, New York, Margaret Farrell, in her 85th year. Funeral services will be held Sunday, June 2, 1918, at 2 P.M., at the Church of Our Lady of Loretto, Cold Spring.

New York Times, Sunday, June 2, 1918, Page 21

Column 3


Feiber - Isaac J., husband of the late Rosa, father of Harry, Silas, Henry, and Minnie, and Mrs. Victor Layman of London, England, June 1. Funeral from his late residence, 560 West 105th St., June 3, at 10 A.M. Omit flowers.

Garvin - James Sidney, private, 102d Ambulance Co., 28th Division, American Expeditionary Froces, somewhere in France, on May 16, 1918, of spinal meningitis, in his 25th year, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Garvin of East Orange, NJ, and Canaan, Conn.

Gutfreund - On May 31, aged 42 years, Arnold, beloved husband of Rose and brother of Frederick, Sugmund, Hugo, and Ernestine Fox. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral, from 406 West 43d St., on Sunday, June 2, at 10 A.M.

Hobson - At Yonkers, on Saturday, June 1, 1918, Josephine Hobson, beloved wife of William R. Hobson. Funeral service at her late residence, 43 Caryl Av., Yonkers, Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment at Caldwell, NJ, Tuesday. Greenport (L.I.) papers please copy.

Hodge - At Newark, NJ, on Thursday, May 30, 1918, Frederick Edwin, husband of Almira Hodge. Funeral services at his late residence, 590 Mt. Prospect Av., Newark, on Sunday, June 3, at 3 P.M. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. Interment at the convenience of the family.

Marmaroff - Rev. John D., on May 31, beloved husband of Athena Marmaroff and for nine years Y.M.C.A. missionary at Ellis Island. Funeral services at his home, 37 Fillmore Av., Corona, L.I., at 2:30 Sunday afternoon, June 2.

Marti - On June 1, 1918, Ernest Marti, beloved husband of Lucy E. Marti, (nee Kehoe.) Funeral from W. F. Lynaugh's Funeral Parlor, 1,093 St. Nicholas Av., in Tuesday, at 9:30 A.M., thence to the Church of Our Lady of Esperanza, 156th St. and Broadway, where a requiem mass will be said for the repose of his soul.

Morrell - At Scarsdale, NY, on Friday, May 31, Joseph C. Morrell, beloved husband of Ida Belknap. Funeral services, 2:30 P.M. Monday, June 3, at his late residence on Old White Plains Road.

Moser - On May 31, 1918, Mrs. Gregory Moser (nee Barbara Wesely) of Flemington, NJ.

Mosheim - On Friday, may 31, at his residence, 565 West 169th St., Samuel Mosheim, beloved husband of Estella Steckler, brother Mrs. Louis Steindler and Julius Mosheim. Funeral private.

Murden - On May 30, Ralph H. Murden, in his 35th year, beloved husband of Peggy M. Murden. Funeral private.

Murray - On Saturday, June 1, Mrs. Catherine Murray, the beloved mother of Marbaret V. Murray, Mrs. Edmond Gridley, Mrs. James McElroy, Mrs. George F. Garlick, at residence, 654 St. Nicholas Av. Notice of funeral hereafter.

O'Brien - On Friday, May 31, 1918, Grace Virginia, daughter of James F. and Sarah E. O'Brien of 826 Union St., Brooklyn. Notice of funeral hereafter.

Robert - Christine. Services The Funeral Church, Broadway - 60th St., (Frank E. Campbell's,) Monday, 12 noon.

Rosenson - After a brief illness, Belle Rosenson, beloved daughter of the late Abraham and Hannah Rosenson and sister of Mrs. H. B. Rosenson, L. Theodore, and Ira. Funeral Sunday at 2 P.M., from her late residence, 670 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. Kindly omit flowers. Syracuse papers please copy.

Sage - May 21, 1918, at Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Captain George Sage of Vancouver, B.C.

Sheerin - Mary E., on Sunday, May 26, 1918, beloved wife of the late William R. Sheerin. Funeral from her late residence, 300 Manhattan Av., on Wednesday, May 29, at 10:30 A.M. Solemn requiem mass at Church of St. Francis Xavier, West 10th St. Saratoga papers please copy.

Smith - On June 1, 1918, Mildred Ann Smith, beloved daughter of Charles F. and Katharyn Smith, at her home, 1,883 East 17th St., Brooklyn. Notice of funeral later.

Staats - On Thursday, may 30, 1918, at 550 Riverside Drive, New York City, henry de Mott Staats. Funeral from Reformed Church at Raritan, NJ, on Monday, June 3, at 2:30 P.M. Friends of the family invited to attend.

Stevens - At Mount Vernon, NY, Saturday, June 1, Louise Verg, wife of the late Samuel Stevens of Blue Hills, Me. Funeral services at 17 South 4th Av., Mount Vernon, NY, Monday, June 8, 10:30 A.M.

Sullivan - On May 31, 1918, at her residence, 353 East 141st St., Bronx, Margaret Sullivan, beloved wife of the late Matthew Sullivan and mother of Michael J. Sullivan, Mary C. Barret, Margaret C. Hoey, Julia A. McDonald, Annie M. Mack, and Katie V. Hockreiter. Solemn requiem mass Monday, June 3, 10 A.M., at St. Jerome's Church, 138th St. and Alexander Av., Bronx. Interment St Raymond's Cemetery. Kindly omit flowers.

Thomas - John, beloved husband of Margaret Frances and father of William, Samuel, John Henry, Edward, Harrison, Anna, and Elizabeth. Member of Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners, Court Knickerbocker, No. 41, Foresters of America, Washington Lodge, No. 4,027, I. O. O. F., M. U. Funeral Sunday, at 1:30 P.M., at his late residence, 474 75th St., Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Thompson - At Yonkers, on Saturday, June 1, 1918, James H. Thompson, in his 75th year. Funeral services at his late residence, 68 Lamartine Av., Yonkers, Monday afternoon, June 3, at 2:30 o'clock.

Tracy - On May 31, in London, England, Harriet Ruth, daughter of the late William Brisbane and Julia Lowndes and beloved wife of Colden Tracy. Charleston papers please copy.

Underhill - At Brentwood, L. I., may 31, Albert H., son of Daniel and Mary A. Underhill, in his 77th year. Funeral services on Tuesday, June 4, at 1:30 P.M., from his late residence, Oyster Bay Cove. Carriages will meet train leaving Pennsylvania Station at 11:30 A.M.

Wainwright - On May 31, 104 East 36th St., Cornelia Ridgely Wainwright, widow of William P. Wainwright and daughter of the late John C. Tillotson. Funeral services will be held at her late residence, 104 East 36th, on Monday, June 3, at 9:30 A.M.

Walsh - May 30, 1918, Margaret, daughter of the late William and Margaret Walsh of Throgg's Neck, Westchester, NY. Funeral from her late residence, 221 Mortimer St., Port Chester, NY, on Monday, June 8, at 9:30 A.M., requiem mass at St. Raymond's Church. Westchester, NY, at 10:30 A.M. Auto cortege.

Walsh - Suddenly, on May 30, 1918, Samuel Armstrong Walsh, 615 5th Av. Funeral private. Kindly omit flowers.

Weisman - A hesped to be given tonight 7 o'clock, at the Rabbi Israel Salanter Talmud Torah, at 74 East 118th St., for our father, the late Moses Weisman, who died May 23. Addresses will be delivered by Rabbi Horowitz and others.

Adams - William, 210 East 102d St., May 31.

Bistritzky - Hirsch, 118 Broome St., May 31.

Bosco - Julia, 304 East 45th St., May 31, aged 10.

Bottlek - Helen, 156 East 118th St., may 30, aged 27.

Brady - Michael, 810 Willis Av., Bronx, May 30. Funerl today, 2 P.M.

Butler, John, 268 West 131st St., May 30, aged 55.

Cavamo - Domeico, 331 East 101st St., May 30.

Cole - James C., 360 West 31st St., May 30.

Cooper - William, 162 West 133d St., May 31, aged 25.

Crouter - Mary C., 681 East 136th St., May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 2 P.M.

De Bois - Georgia, Manhattan State Hospital, May 31, aged 50.

Deane - Charlotte A., 1,703 Lexington Av., May 30. Funeral tomorrow, 3 P.M.

Derrig - John, 1,103 Park Av., May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 9:30 A.M.

Dixon - William J., 628 East 9th St., May 31.

Druckman - Anna, 94 Willett St., May 31.

Flynn - William H., 295 West 150th St., May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 9 A.M.

Foster - Janet, 342 West 121st St., May 31. Funeral notice later.

Fox - John J., 33 Washington St., May 31, aged 57.

Francis - Benedict, 310 East 148th St., May 30, aged 44.

Freedman - Rebecca, 54 West 115th St., May 30, aged 22.

Furlong - Thomas, 273 West 10th St., May 30. Funeral tomorrow.

Fuser - Antoneta, 282 Pleasant Av., May 30.

Galligan - Ellen, 1,480 Madison Av., May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 9:20 A.M.

New York Times, Sunday, June 2, 1918, Page 21

Column 4


Gleason - Alice, 246 East 55th St., May 30.

Guilfoyle - Eliza G., 313 Eats 51st St.

Halblaub - Philip, 1,054 Stebbins Av., Bronx, May 30, aged 32. Funeral today, 1:30 P.M.

Hansen - Carl, 230 East 118th St., May 30, aged 32.

Hart - Jacob J., 3,254 Broadway, May 30. Funeral today, 8:45 A.M.

Hodges - Charles, Broad Street Hospital, May 31, aged 56.

Jackson - Lena, 1,862 3d Av., May 31.

Jacobick - Max, 438 West 39th St., May 30, aged 24.

Johnson - Peter, 9 Eats Broadway, May 31, aged 55.

Kennedy - Edward, 422 West 48th St., May 31.

Knief - John H., May 31, aged 71. Funeral 329 Willis Av., Bronx, today, 1 P.M.

Kobin - Harry, 317 Madison Av., May 31, aged 51.

Krawitzky - Pauline, 262 West 41st St., May 31, aged 75.

Kreuter - Harry, 410 East 85th St., May 30. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Lambiotte - Hubert, 348 West 53d St., May 31, aged 70.

Leichter - Hyman, 118 Eats 110th St., May 30, aged 32.

London - Thomas C., 415 East 80th St., May 30, aged 40.

Mackey - John J., 784 Amsterdam Av., May 30.

Meier - Henry, 302 East 25th St., May 31, aged 72. Funeral today, 1 P.M.

Mendosa - Josephine, 325 West 32d St., May 31.

Montillo - Adelaide, 319 West 21st St., May 31, aged 78.

Moore - Christine J., 2.549 8th Av., May 31.

O'Connor - Bridget, 616 2d Av., May 31. Funerl tomorrow, 9:30 A.M.

Pantuliano - Jennie, 444 West 39th St., May 31, aged 5.

Pitula - Louis, 530 East 89th St., May 30.

Reilly - Elizabeth, 364 Alexander Av., Bronx, May 30, aged 60.

Roach - Ellen M., 464 East 147th St., May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 2 P.M.

Roeder - Anna C., 381 East 66th St., May 30.

Rose - Cornella, 109 West 101st St., May 31, aged 57.

Rosell - Helen E., 61 East 55th St., may 31, aged 39.

Saverese - Elizabeth, 2,419 8th Av., May 21.

Scanlon - Peter F., 163 West 78th St., May 30, aged 53.

Shendelman - Machla, 60 Allen St., May 31, aged 61.

Sullivan - Margaret, 353 East 141st St., May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 10 A.M.

Sutfreund - Arnold, 619 9th Av., May 31, aged 45.

Sweeney - Patrick J., 401 West 37th St., May 31. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Talond - Barbara, 16 West 125th St., May 31, aged 59.

Weggenmann - John, 192 Ivy St., May 31, aged 28.

Wolfstrommer - Nicholas, 436 East 67th St., may 30, aged 13.

Woods - Harry, 411 West 50th St., may 31, aged 30.


Anderson - James, 295 Clifton Place, May 30.

Brimger - August, 1,300 Prospect Av., May 31, aged 45.

Brosnan - Delia, 674 58th St., may 30. Funeral tomorrow, 8:30 A.M.

Brown - George, 524 Greene Av., June 1, aged 80. Funeral service today.

Campbell - Clifford J., 263 Flatbush Av., May 30, aged 45.

Casey - Edwin V., 1,909 Pacific St., May 30, aged 17. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Clark - John C., 465 73d St., may 31, aged 58.

Correa - Dolores, 46 Johnston St., may 31, aged 28. Funeral today 2 P.M.

Doody - Patrick J., 53 Madison St., May 31, aged 35. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Englis - George W., 436 Clermont Av., May 30, aged 74. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Filehne - Beulah L., 77 Woodbine St., May 30. Funeral tomorrow./font>

Gallagher - Henry J., 287 10th St., may 30. Funeral tomorrow.

Grill - Frederick, 275 Ellery St., June 1, aged 77. Funeral June 4, 8 A.M.

Haggerty - Catherine, 1,143 38th St., May 30.

Holmes - Albert N., Jr., 1,532 Benson Av., May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 3 P.M.

Johnson - John, 90 4th Place, May 31, aged 80. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Kenny - Michael, 211 Taaffe Place, May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 9 A.M.

Kramer - Charles, 237 Evergreen Av., June 1, aged 46. Funeral June 4, 2 P.M.

Leibe - Louis, 115 Evergreen Av., May 31. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Leibold - Stephen, 440 Herkimer St., May 31, aged 48.

Love - Joseph, 185 11th St., May 31. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

McCarthy - Ann, 433 Willoughby Av., May 30. Funeral today, 2 P.M..

McGowan - Rev. John, St. Maty's Hospital, May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 10 A.M.

McNamara - Mary A., 566 7th St., May 31. Funeral tomorrow, 10 A.M.

Marshall - George, Ocean Parkway and Avenue O, May 31. Funeral today.

Murray - martha, 230 Greene Av., May 30. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Quigley - Florence M., 604 Park Av., May 30. Funeral today.

Reinhardt - Gottlieb, 788 Hart St., May 31, aged 50.

Seiter - Andrew, 314 Sackett St., May 31, aged 54. Funeral today, 3 P.M.

Young - Lizzie H., 446 50th St., May 31. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

Hoboken, Jersey City, and Newark

Blair - Joseph A., 64 North 13th St., Newark, May 30.

Elliott - Sarah J., 129 Booraem Av., Jersey City, May 30, aged 67. Funeral tomorrow.

Foster - Herbert J., 35 Clover St., Newark, May 30.

Schmidt - August, 191 Magazine St., Newark, May 31, aged 70.

Slane - Catherine, 722 Willow Av., Hoboken, May 30. Funeral tomorrow, 9:30 A.M.

Smith - Ferdinand, 710 Garden St., Hoboken, May 30.

Long Island

Crosby - Emma J. Lynbrook, May 31. Funeral tomorrow.

Matthews - John, Brooklyn Manor, May 30, aged 76. Funeral tomorrow, 10 A.M.

Trump - Frederick, Union Course, May 30, aged 49. Funeral today, 2 P.M.

In Memoriam

Bulova - Stella, entered into eternal rest, June 2, 1912, in her 19th year. Gone but not forgotten.

Froehlich - Babette Kleinman. In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away May 15, 1912.

Froehlich 0 Theodore Archer. In memory of our beloved brother, who passed away May 15, 1912

Gross - Memorial services at the Maimonides Cemetery, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, on June the 5th, at 3 o'clock P.M., in loving memory of our dear never to be forgotten mother. Anna Goldmark Gross, who departed this life on June 5, 1917.
Alexander J. and Felix Gross.

Slevin - In sad and loving memory of our beloved nephew, James J. Slevin, who departed this life May 19, 1918. Funeral took place from his aunt's residence, Mrs. Margaret Cunningham, 81 Horatio St., attended by a large audience of children from St. Bernard School. We wish to return a thanks to the children from the school and to all our neighbors. Aunts to the deceased, Mrs. Margaret Cunningham and Miss Annie Sleven.

Wadleigh - In loving memory of George W. Wadleigh, who passed away June 1, 1907. Gegre, you are not forgotten.

Clark, Oren, in memory of; died June 2, 1917.

McCann - James, mass Sacred Heart Church, today, ? A.M.


Bonner - The unveiling of the monument of my beloved husband and our dear father, Julius Bonner, will take place Sunday, June 9, at 3 P.M., at Cemetery Congregation B'rith Abraham, Neark, NJ In case of rain ceremony will take place Sunday, June 10. Take South Orange Av. car.

Cohn - The dedication of monument of J. Milton Cohn will be postponed until further notice. Ida H. Cohn.

Ginsberg - The monument of our beloved son and brother, Dr. William Ginsberg, who passed away June 16, 1917, will be unveiled at Union Fields Cemetery, Cypress Hills, on Sunday, June 2, at 2 o'clock. In case of bad weather, postponed to Sunday, June 16.

Kaplan - The unveiling of the monument in loving memory of the late Rabbi Mordecai M. Kaplan, will take place on Sunday, June 9, at 11 A.M., at the Mount Carmel Cemetery.

Rubin - The unveiling of the monument of my beloved wife and dear mother, Henrietta Rubin, will take place at Mount Sinai Cemetery June 9, 2 P.M. In case od bad weather postponement to the following Sunday, June 16.

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