Malden (Mass.) Public High School Alumni Register 1863 - 1895

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Malden (Mass.) Public High School Alumni Register 1863 - 1895

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We are pleased to provide, for your family history research, a book entitled,

"Catalogue of the Public High School Malden, Mass. and Alumni Register 1863 - 1895"

This resource was printed by Geo. E. Dunbar in 1896 and provides a brief history of the school, lists of students in the various classes and faculty as of the print date, lists of alumni by class, each alumnus' profession and employment, and in most cases current residence.

To view records, simply click on the page number which corresponds to the surname in which you are interested. Clicking on the appropriate page number will take you to a scanned image of the specific page. We hope that you find this resources useful.


Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 03History of the School
Page 04History of the School
Page 05History of the School
Page 06History of the School
Page 07School Committee / Walker, Dowse, Tilden, Fall, Griffin, Nordstrom, Robinson, Presby, Shove, Daniels
Page 08Board of Instruction / Gay, Hutchins, Delee, Durkee, Stevens, Brooks, Lyman, Crook, Mackeown, Elliott, Rowe, Esau, Child, Chadwick, Chase, McLauthlin
Current Students (in 1895)
Page 09 Seniors / Adams, Ash, Badger, Bicknell, buckminster, Cox, Cressey, Foster, Horne, Huston, Jury, Kelley, Minchin, Noah, Perham, Piper, Riley, Sanborn, Shute, Slate, Slayton, Sprague, Staples, Stevens, Thompson, Tufts, Veazie, Wiggin, Wentworth, Whittemore, Wilmot
Page 10Cary, Hawley, Kerr, Rice, Ruston, Swain, Thompson, Wiggin, Bacon, Burr, Favis, Flanders, Lewis, Merrill, Presby, Priest, Wise, Arms, Brown, Cate, Collins, Corbett, Cox, Crowell, Eastman, Furniss, Gardner, Gilson, Goodell, Griffith, Hall, Herrick, Hill, Hitchings, Holmes, Kingsley
Page 11Lake, Macgregor, Melville, Quain, Quimby, Ryerson, Shaw, Stevens, Stiles, Tarbox, Tufts, Wiley, Woodman, Goodwin, Leonard, McDermod, Nelson, Nichols, Page, Robinson, Studley, Sturtevant, Belcher, Dow, Griffin, Horne, Shute, Baxter, Bennett, Brown, Burden, Burr, Chaffee, Chesley, Cox
Page 12Crombie, Crosby, Doyle, Harvey, Haskins, Hill, Holmes, Ives, Lincoln, Major, McGregor, McKinley, Murphy, Neville, Bye, Perkins, Quinn, Richardson, Ricker, Ring, Sargeant, Stevens, Stone, Swett, Tribble, Waitt, Weeks, Weymouth, White, Williams, Wing, Winslow, Adams, Barnes, Breslin, Vuckminster, Clarke, Decatur, Dwinell, English
Page 13Herbert, Howe, Knight, Lissner, McCarthy, Ray, Ripley, Roberts, Serrat, Spalding, Stone, Sweey, Wade, Wadsworth, Whitcher, Williams, Wise, Arsem, Atwood, Coburn, Heath, Howe, Wade, Butler, Carey, Cary, Conley, Cox, Curry, Dawes, Evans, Freeman, Griffin, Hinds, Jones, Keach, Moriarty, Murdock, Newgent, Sanborn, Stiles
Page 14Juniors / Affelhoy, Barnes, Breslin, Carver, Chisholm, Colby, Cox, Crook, Dean, Demain, Dunbar, Farnham, Greene, Hadaway, Harcourt, Hill, Hitchings, Kelliher, Knollin, Luther, Maker, Marr, McCarthy, McKinley, Moore, Murdock, Paul, Perrigo, Pratt, Pyne, Rice, Rich, Roby, Russell, Sanborn, Skilton, Slayton, Slocomb, Sullivan, Sweet
Page 15Walker, Wentworth, Whittemore, Wilmot, Wise, Barrett, Brown, Burr, Carlsen, Clark, Copeland, Cromack, Dillingham, Dooley, Foulkes, Gray, Henry, Howe, Jordan, Killion, Lambert, McLauthlin, Miller, Perkins, Pettegrove, Priest, Robbins, Rossiter, Sawyer, Schermerhorn, Weld, Wiggin, Williams, Blackmer, Burtt, Carlisle, Flanders, Langley, Layton, Lemon, Marr
Page 16McCrillis, McGregor, Starr, Annis, Chase, Conner, Covell, Crockett, Crowell, Downs, Ellis, England, French, Frost, Gates, Gleitsmann, Guptill, Harwood, Hennebury, Johnson, McVey, Mitchell, North, O'Neil, Pederson, Prescott, Ramsdell, Reagh, reardon, Roby, Soares, Spofford, Staples, Towle, Underwood, Wilkins, Andrews, Barstow, Chase
Page 17Chase, Danker, Dooley, Fellows, Fitzpatrick, Goodwin, Henderson, Huston, Jacobs, Killion, Morey, Nickerson, Pease, Phillips, Pratt, Putnam, Ricker, Robbins, Rowell, Sanborn, Sawyer, Tanner, Upham, Whittle, Wiley
Page 18Teachers in Malden High School / Noyes, Woodford, Merritt, Rich, Boyden, Daniels, Hill, Patch, Barney, Sargent, Nowell, Rice, Shaw, Nye, Ryder, Blanchard, Morey, Sanford, Gooding, Carter, Hatch, Melcher, Jacobs, Gay, Burr, Price, Selee, Collins, Brown
Page 19Scott, Teele, Lord, Hutchins, Durkee, Towns, Stevens, Brooks, Lyman, Taylor, Crook, MacKeown, Little, Bartley, Elliott, Rowe, Child, Esau, Chadwick
Page 201863: Collins, Davenport, Oliver, 1864: Parlin, 1865: Moody, Barney, Mirick, Ewins, Rogers, Buckminster, Quint, Nichols, Chase, 1866: Bryant, Collins, Jones
Page 21Morey, Wakefield, Waitt, Hardy, Turner, Collins, Tenney, 1867: Bell, Wise, Bates, Simonds, 1868: True, Odiorne, Hayward, Leman, 1869: Sargent, Hardy, Perkins, Tonks, Perkins, Putnam, Delany, Morey
Page 221870: Morey, Furlong, Collins, Melville, Lefavour, Odiorne, 1871: Butler, Woodman, Shute, Kittredge, Gilbert, Clapp, Waite, Webster, Rorke, 1872: Foque, Jordan, Blanchard, Hayward, Newhall
Page 23Turner, Jacobs, Harwood, Magee, Bicknell, Cook, Hamnett, 1873: Blanchard, Brown, Cleaveland, Coburn, Cutter, Foster, Gleason, Hannan, Kittredge, Lund, McLaughlin, Moonie
Page 24Reade, Rounds, Silvester, Wormell, 1874: Ayers, Baylies, Chesterton, Coverley, Croxford, Furlong, Hardy, Holmes, Kendall, Perkins, 1875: Atwood, de las Casas, Crowell
Page 25Greene, Parsons, Robinson, Shiloh, Soule, Waitt, 1876: Baxter, Benjamin, Cleary, Dawes, Fuller, Goddard, Hartshorne, Hayward, Hill, Hough, Jones, Josselyn, Noyes, Perkins
Page 26Shepard, Smith, Vannevar, Watson, 1877: Blanchard, Dennett, Ford, Hardy, Hayward, Haywood, Morandi, Piper, Pratt, Roach, Rounds, Soley, Beal
Page 27Chapin, Daniels, Downs, Gillespie, Greene, Keen, Lunt, Oakes, Shaw, Sinclair, Waldron, Wellman, Winslow, 1879: Brooks, Foster, Yale, Chisholm, Eaton, Fall
Page 28Bancroft, Blanchard, Brett, Brown, Chadwick, Coburn, Daniels, Dawes, Dexter, Howard, Kendall, Lemon, Moody, Morandi, Oliver, Peters, Robinson, Chepherd, Sleeper, Stockwell, Worth
Page 29Authes, Bruce, McLaughlin, Piper, Richards, Stockwell, Wade, 1880: Clark, Holden, Newhall, Raymond, Weeks, Copeland, Crawford, Stevens, Gillespie, Medding
Page 30Rhoades, Coburn, Long, Newhall, Spencer, Stebbins, 1881: Adams, Hintze, Holmes, Mackenzie, Norwood, Scales, Tay, Corey, Cummings, Gardner, Hall, Lovejoy, Lunt
Page 31Magee, Torrey, Walker, Fifield, Lovell, Robinson, 1882: Ball, Cox, Dawes, Eaton, Hale, Merrill, Wellman, Worcester, Durand, Rice, Shute, Tewksbury
Page 32Whipple, Brand, Chase, Piper, Tate, Willcox, 1883: Chesterton, Foque, Holmes, Rourke, Amerige, Lord, Strout, Allis, Balch, Doane
Page 33Gill, Gleason, Haley, Johnson, Mills, Ring, Stevens, Welch, Wiggin, 1884: Bruce, Coburn, Hayward, Lord, Merrill, Pratt, Shanley, Sinclair, Webster, Wheeler, Wilder
Page 34Lawrence, Magee, Porter, Wadsworth, Coburn, Cottle, Cox, Murphy, Tonks, 1885: Burtt, Copeland, Pierce, Clark, Foster, Sanborn, Scott, Sinclair
Page 35Bunce, Gill, Robbins, Vincent, 1886: Brand, Burbank, Clapp, Lord, Pettengill, Smith, Tilson, Towns, White, Bond, Pickering, Brown, Doughty
Page 36Huddleston, Phillips, Piper, Sampson, Spencer, Turner, 1887: Bruerton, Copeland, Johnson, Kinney, Perry, Potter, Richards, Ruchton, Winship, Barker, Elliott
Page 37Morey, Nason, Plummer, Sawtelle, Wadsworth, Hawley, Moore, Newhall, Waitt, Cox, Earl, Goldthwait, Newhall, Palmer, Snow, Wilkins, Woods, 1888: Alden
Page 38Bryant, Clark, Emery, Worcester, Howard, North, Quinby, Whittemore, Bruce, Chadwick, Fessenden, Russell, Shepherd, Whipple, Mirick, Bartlett, Carter, Creighton, Daniels
Page 39Durand, Hanson, Hill, Holbrook, Howe, Phipps, Prescott, Ricker, Robinson, Turck, Viets, 1889: Bragdon, Bruce, Cox, Fenn, Gray, Hadaway, Hanson, Johnson, Pierce, Porter
Page 40Sawtelle, Child, Crosby, Elliott, Hadley, Hartwell, Hayes, Mann, Webster, Whipple, Wiggin, Worcester, Bailey, Chadwick, Craig, Hawley, Holden, Knowlton
Page 41Lund, Read, Wadsworth, Wingate, Bruerton, Chester, Metcalf, Pratt, 1890: Bailey, Bayrd, Bearse, Bennett, Chaney, Chesterton, French, Gannett, Griffin, Kerr
Page 42Makechnie, Merrill, Nash, Noah, Potter, Pratt, Rogers, Smith, Swain, Turner, Waterman, Wise, Atwood, Brown, Buckminster, Hill, Plummer, Sweetser
Page 43Child, Farenholt, Hayward, Hill, Norris, Perkins, Stevens, Tilson, White, Doherty, Holmes, Knowlton, Mason, Metcalf, Mildram, Moody, Roby, Sexton
Page 44Marshall, Winship, Wood, 1891: Alexander, Barnes, Brown, Corbett, Freeman, Grier, Lunt, McGrath, McLeod, Rea, Riley, Tarbox, Todd, Waite, Waterman, Wells
Page 45Wiggin, Esau, Goodwin, Newhall, Shedd, Buckminster, Daniels, Andrews, Chisholm, Crane, Dole, Hawley, Hodgdon, Holden, Huddleston, Mowry, Rogers, Rossborough
Page 461892: Authes, Bailey, Barrett, Bell, Berry, Bowlby, Cox, Currier, Dooley, Fifield, Garfield, Knowlton, Lane, Llangley, Moore, North, Partridge, Paul, Perham, Rouillard
Page 47Sabine, Sargent, Sexton, Simpson, Sinclair, Taber, Taylor, Thompson, West, Waterman, Baker, Barnes, Borworth, Chase, Gay, Hulburd, Millett, Rea, Rogers, Stebbins
Page 48Andrews, Proctor, Butler, Eldridge, Fellows, Gardner, Goldthwaite, Herrick, Hess, Pierce, Rice, Starr, 1893: Bell, Brown, Burr, Chase, Cressey
Page 49Dodge, Greenleaf, Hill, Henderson, Knowlton, Lewis, Mayo, McCarthy, Merrill, Putnam, Rankin, Soule, Stevens, Trayes, Tufts, Yale, Hawley, Hitchcock, Horne, Neal
Page 50Obear, Potter, Richardson, Tredick, Winship, Atwood, Barnes, Gleason, Hallenberg, Clark, Herbert, Keay, Koehler, Robbins, Russell, Tribble, Turner, Woodbury
Page 511894: Aseltine, Bill, Corbett, Fairbanks, Grant, Grey, Hall, Lewis, Lincoln, Lord, Roberts, Rossborough, Smithers, Spinney, Stevens, Stilphin, Walker, Waterman, Eldridge, Gay
Page 52Hill, Holden, Hulburd, Macy, Major, Sanborn, Small, Tonks, Berry, Black, Bryant, Dowling, Gardner, Mayo, McLean, Melville, Mildram, Palmer, Stebbins, Swain, Webber
Page 531895: Barstow, Bourne, Brinkhaus, Brown, Campbell, Colby, Cox, Evans, Goodwin, Gould, Graydon, Gruber, Hil, Hitchings, Knollin, Knowlton, Lake, Langley, MacKeown, Mansfield
Page 54Martin, Merrill, Milliken, Montgomery, Noah, Palmer, Parsell, Pierce, Rice, Smith, Walker, Wheeler, Whitcomb, Wiley, Carnes, Crandon, Cromack, Holbrook, Lissner, Macy
Page 55Sargeant, Wiggin, Beswick, Butler, Chase, England, Gardiner, Hodgsden, Hutchins, Jones, Kraft, Lynn, Moulton, Richardson, Sweeney, Thompson, Walker, Weston, Wood

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